Elegant Bouquets on a Budget: Best Bouquets Under $150

| Wendy Han

When expressing love, gratitude, or congratulations, there's nothing quite like the gift of flowers. They can uplift spirits, convey heartfelt emotions, and leave lasting impressions. At Floristique, we understand the importance of affordable grandeur in floral gifting. We believe that luxury should be accessible, and elegance should be affordable. That's why we've curated a selection of the best upper mid-range bouquets for our customers in Singapore. Whether you're celebrating a momentous engagement, sending a token of gratitude, or simply brightening someone's day, our premium flower arrangements under $150 are designed to make every occasion extra special. 

The Cream of the Crop: Best Bouquets Under $150

Selecting the perfect bouquet, we understand you want a combination of elegance and affordability. Here are some premium floral gifts that embody sophistication without breaking the bank:

1. Blue Hydrangea, Pink Tulips, Eustomas, & Pink Carnation Bouquet

This stunning bouquet is a harmonious blend of delicate charm and bold beauty. The soft pink tulips and carnations exude tenderness, symbolising the affection you wish to convey. The star of this arrangement, the blue hydrangeas, represent gratitude and heartfelt emotions. Combined with eustomas, this bouquet becomes a true expression of love. Perfect for anniversaries or as engagement flowers, it encapsulates the essence of a romantic journey.

2. Violet & White Tulip Bouquet

Vivid violet and pure white tulips come together in an elegant dance within this arrangement. Each tulip petal tells a story of sophistication and grace. This bouquet is ideal for celebrating milestones such as birthdays or anniversaries. It's also a thoughtful choice for sending heartfelt condolences, as it captures the essence of purity and remembrance.

3. Pink Roses & Calla Lily Bouquet

For those seeking timeless romance and classic beauty, look no further than our pink roses & calla lily bouquet. Pink roses, known for symbolising love and admiration, gracefully complement the delicate calla lilies. Together, they create an ensemble perfect for expressing deep emotions on special occasions, be it a romantic gesture or a heartfelt apology.

4. Pink Hydrangea, Pink and Red Spray Roses & Eustomas Bouquet

This bouquet is a symphony of soft pink hydrangeas, the allure of red spray roses, and the subtle elegance of eustomas. It adds an element of luxury to any moment, making it the best choice for celebrations or surprising a loved one "just because." The pink hydrangea is a symbolism of heartfelt emotions, while the red spray roses convey love and passion. Eustomas add a touch of grace to this arrangement, making it an ideal gift for those with discerning tastes. If you want a premium bouquet under $150 that shows your sincerity to your spouse or partner, this is the perfect choice for you.

5. White Calla Lilies & Pink Eustoma Bouquet

The White Calla Lilies & Pink Eustoma bouquet is the perfect choice if you prefer a minimalist yet striking arrangement. White calla lilies symbolise purity and appreciation, making this bouquet an excellent way to show gratitude and admiration. The delicate pink eustoma adds a touch of softness and sophistication, creating a visually stunning combination that speaks volumes without extravagant gestures. Whether as a thank-you gift or a gesture of sympathy, this bouquet communicates your sentiments beautifully.

6. Pink Peonies, Pink Roses, & Eustoma Bouquet

The combination of pink florals is a true masterpiece of floral design. The lush beauty of pink peonies, combined with the elegance of pink roses and eustoma, creates an opulent arrangement that demands attention. Pink Peonies represent romance, prosperity, and good fortune. They're often associated with grand celebrations and are a symbol of a happy and prosperous life. Moreover, these flowers are a timeless expression of love and appreciation, making this bouquet perfect for occasions where you want to convey deep affection and admiration. Eustoma, also known as lisianthus, adds a touch of grace and refinement to the ensemble.

This pink peonies and rose bouquet is not just a gift; it's a statement piece that's perfect for grand celebrations and milestones. Whether you're celebrating a significant anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a momentous achievement, this arrangement will convey your sentiments most elegantly and extravagantly.

7. Multicoloured Baby Breath Bouquet

If you're looking to brighten someone's day with a burst of colour and cheerfulness, our Multicoloured Baby's Breath bouquet is a perfect choice. The multicoloured variations of this baby’s breath bouquet add a playful twist to the traditional all-white baby's breath bouquets, with beautiful colours that evoke feelings of happiness and celebration. Whether you're sending this bouquet for a birthday, a graduation, or simply to let someone know you're thinking of them, it's sure to bring a smile to their face.

8. Sunflowers, Pink and White Spray Roses & Eustoma Bouquet

Imagine bringing the warmth of the sun into any room with our sunflowers, pink and white spray roses, & eustoma bouquet. Sunflowers are known for their radiant and positive energy, and when paired with pink and white spray roses and eustoma, they create an arrangement that radiates positivity and cheerfulness. Sunflowers symbolise adoration, loyalty, and longevity. They are a powerful symbol of happiness and positivity, making them an excellent choice for brightening someone's day or expressing your heartfelt wishes. The addition of pink and white spray roses and eustoma adds an elegant touch to this cheerful bouquet. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to spread some joy, this bouquet is a perfect choice.

9. Bird of Paradise & Eustomas Bouquet

For those seeking a unique and exotic choice, consider our Bird of Paradise & Eustomas bouquet. This stunning arrangement is a standout gift for special occasions, where you want to make a lasting impression with an unconventional and striking choice. Bird of Paradise flowers are known for their resemblance to tropical birds and represent freedom, magnificence, and success. When paired with the delicate beauty of eustomas, the result is a captivating bouquet that adds an exotic touch to any celebration. Whether it's a tropical-themed event, a farewell gift, or a gesture of appreciation, this bouquet is sure to leave a lasting memory.

10. Violet & White Tulips Bouquet

In our Violet & White Tulips bouquet, elegance meets simplicity in a harmonious blend of violet and white tulips. This classic choice never goes out of style and is suitable for a wide range of occasions. Tulips are known for symbolising perfect love, making them an ideal choice for expressing affection and appreciation. The deep violet and pure white colours create a sense of serenity and grace. Whether you're sending this bouquet as a gesture of love, sympathy, or gratitude, its timeless beauty and simplicity make it a versatile and heartfelt choice.

How to Choose Elegant Bouquets That Leave a Lasting Impression While on a Budget

When it comes to choosing an elegant bouquet that not only dazzles but also leaves a lasting impression, it's essential to approach it as an art form. We understand the importance of finding the perfect floral arrangement while you are on a budget, and we're here to guide you through the process. Here are some additional insights to help you make the right choice:

1. Consider the Occasion 

The first step in selecting the perfect bouquet is to consider the occasion. Each event or sentiment calls for a different style of arrangement. If it's a romantic date, opt for something passionate and intimate, like a bouquet featuring red roses. For birthdays, vibrant and cheerful arrangements with the recipient's favourite colours can add an extra layer of joy. When expressing gratitude or offering condolences, softer and more subdued hues may be more appropriate.

2. Take into Account Favourite Flowers 

Adding a personal touch to your bouquet can make it even more special. Take the time to find out the recipient's favourite flowers or colours. Incorporating these into the arrangement shows that you've put thought into the gift. It's a way of saying, "I know what you love, and I've chosen this bouquet just for you." If your loved one does not specifically have a preference for flowers, you can find blooms that you can associate with them or how much they mean to you. You can check out astrological flower arrangement ideas based on zodiac signs and popular birthday flowers and their significance

3. Personalised Messages

Alongside your bouquet, don't forget to include a personalised message. A heartfelt note can turn an elegant bouquet into an unforgettable gesture, especially if you are on a budget. Express your emotions, share your thoughts, or simply convey your best wishes. The message will add depth and meaning to the gift, making it a cherished memory for the recipient. For more information, check out how to create lasting memories with personalised bouquets.

4. Quality Matters

The quality of the flowers is paramount. When selecting a bouquet, ensure that it's crafted with fresh, high-quality flowers that will last. Finding a florist in Singapore that sources the finest blooms to create our arrangements is crucial to ensure you have blooms that your loved one can admire and cherish longer. Freshness not only ensures the bouquet's longevity but also enhances its visual appeal and fragrance. Floristique provides the best bouquets under $150, so you can give your loved ones premium floral gifts that are at a more affordable price.

5. Delivery Options

Surprise plays a significant role in making a lasting impression. Opting for 24-hour flower delivery allows you to time the moment perfectly. Imagine the joy on your loved one's face when they receive a beautiful bouquet right when they least expect it. Whether it's a heartfelt morning surprise or a midnight gesture of love, choosing a florist that can deliver your flowers to your recipient adds an element of surprise and delight.

Discover Affordable Premium Floral Gifts for Special Moments at Floristique

At Floristique, we believe that every special moment deserves to be celebrated with affordable luxury. Our collection of upper mid-range flower arrangements, engagement flowers, and other premium floral gifts is designed to help you make lasting memories. Whether you're expressing love, congratulations, or sympathy, our bouquets under $150 in Singapore are the best choice for any occasion.

So, why wait? Explore our exquisite floral offerings and bring a touch of grandeur to your next present. Choose Floristique and let our flowers speak your emotions. Remember, when it comes to gifting, it's not just a bouquet; it's a heartfelt gesture that leaves a lasting impression. Learn more about how Floristique’s unique flower arrangements forge memories.

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