Premium Flowers Within a Budget: Best Bouquets Under $100

| Wendy Han

Spoiling your loved one with premium flowers or showing a colleague how much you appreciate their efforts does not have to break the bank. There are florists in Singapore that provide fresh and high-quality flower arrangements that’s within a mid-range budget, and one of these florists is Floristique.

At Floristique, we offer a wide range of floral gifts for every occasion, whether it’s elegant bouquets for celebrations or floral boxes just because. If you’re looking for affordable luxury floral arrangements, it’s worth going through our vast collections. But should your busy schedule make it difficult to go through everything, we’ve compiled a list of our best arrangements under $100.

Best Bouquet Picks Under $100

Here are some of the premium flowers you should consider if you want arrangements that are within your budget of below $100:

1. Pink and White Roses, Eustomas, Fillers & Foliage Bouquet

This premium flower arrangement is a masterpiece that harmoniously blends the timeless allure of roses with the subtle beauty of Eustomas. Within this arrangement, lush pink roses represent admiration and gratitude, while pristine white roses convey purity and love. Eustomas, often referred to as lisianthus, add a delicate touch with their pastel shades, infusing the bouquet with a sense of serenity. Ideal for anniversaries or intimate occasions, this floral creation is a testament to timeless elegance, offering a profound way to express deep emotions within your upper mid-range budget.

2. Multicoloured Holland Tulips Bouquet

Every tulip in this bouquet is a handpicked work of art carefully selected from the picturesque fields of Holland. Bursting with vibrant shades that range from deep purples to sunny yellows, these tulips are not merely flowers but a celebration of nature's colour palette. Their subtle fragrance and distinctive shape make them a favourite among flower enthusiasts. Whether it's a birthday celebration or just an ordinary day that needs brightening, this high-quality budget bouquet is thoughtfully designed to infuse joy into any moment, making it a delightful gift choice.

3. Calla Lilies Bouquet

The Calla Lilies bouquet is the epitome of magnificence and sophistication. The trumpet-shaped blooms of Calla Lilies spiral gracefully on elongated stems, standing tall and majestic in their ivory elegance. This bouquet is perfect for those special moments when you aim to make a lasting impression, be it a formal event or a gesture of deep appreciation.

4. Spray Roses, Tulip, Carnations, Eustoma, Mum, Fillers & Foliage

This luxury floral arrangement is a sensory delight and a testament to Floristique's commitment to capturing nature's vast colour palette, even at an affordable price. The miniature blooms of spray roses complement the larger tulips and carnations, creating a captivating play of dimensions. The vivid hues of mums and the softness of Eustomas add layers of beauty, showcasing the versatility of nature's creations. It's a high-quality bouquet that tells a beautiful story – one that says, "There's a flower for every emotion," making it a versatile choice for a wide range of occasions for those on a certain budget.

5. Sunflowers & Roses

Imagine a sunny day encapsulated within a bouquet – this is precisely what the sunflowers & roses arrangement embodies. Sunflowers, with their radiant golden petals and dark, contrasting centres, exude positivity and joy. When paired with roses, they create a harmonious blend of happiness and elegance. This bouquet is a gift that's bound to uplift spirits and bring a ray of sunshine into the recipient's life, making it a perfect choice for various celebrations and moments of shared happiness.

6. Blue Hydrangea & Daisy

Hydrangeas are renowned for their captivating spherical bloom clusters, creating a visual spectacle. In this bouquet, the muted blue of the hydrangeas beautifully contrasts with the cheerful white daisies, capturing the essence of a vibrant summer garden. Floristique's curation of this bouquet is perfect for those tranquil moments when you seek a touch of nature's beauty or wish to celebrate fresh starts in life. The combination of these flowers offers a soothing and revitalising experience.

7. Blue Hydrangea & Tulips

Inspired by serene lakesides, the deep blues of the hydrangeas paired with the grace of tulips create a calming and visually stunning floral arrangement. This luxury bouquet is not only a treat for the eyes but also has the power to soothe the soul. It's an ideal choice for decorating your home if you want to come home to something that helps you reflect or when you want to extend a hand of comfort and solace. What’s great about this high-quality bouquet is also that it’s affordable, so it’s a perfect natural home decor if you’re on a budget.

8. White Lilies Bouquet

Lilies have long been associated with regality and grace. Their large trumpet-shaped blooms and intoxicating scent command attention and reverence. Among them, white lilies symbolise purity and rebirth, making them a fitting choice for significant events like weddings or marking new beginnings. This bouquet exudes elegance and signifies the start of a beautiful journey.

9. Pink Carnations and White Spray Roses Bouquet

Soft, tender, and utterly charming – this bouquet is a poetic expression in the language of flowers. Pink carnations, representing love and gratitude, are harmoniously paired with delicate white spray roses. The result is a bouquet that whispers sweet nothings and evokes sentiments of love and affection. It's a perfect choice for occasions such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day when you want to convey your deepest emotions through flowers.

10. White Hydrangea, Pink Roses, Pink Spray Carnations Bouquet

This is one of our best ensembles, which merges the soft fluffiness of white hydrangeas with the classic allure of pink roses. The addition of pink spray carnations infuses a dash of vibrancy and energy into the arrangement, creating a bouquet that exudes both charm and sophistication. It's a versatile bouquet under $100 that can be used to express a wide range of emotions, from appreciation to admiration, making it suitable for various occasions that call for a touch of timeless beauty.

When to Choose High-Quality Budget Bouquets

Selecting an affordable luxury floral arrangement is a way to make a meaningful statement on a budget, whether it's about celebrating joyous moments, expressing sympathy, or simply enhancing your surroundings with natural beauty. The thought and care put into selecting a high-quality bouquet can leave a lasting impression and convey your sentiments in a profound and memorable way.

Special Occasions

Premium bouquets shine brightest during special occasions, especially anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. For anniversaries, a high-quality bouquet can symbolise the enduring love and commitment of the couple. Birthdays become more memorable when celebrated with a bouquet tailored to the recipient's favourite flowers and colours. On Valentine's Day, a premium bouquet expresses your love and admiration in a way that words often cannot. These significant moments in life deserve an elegant bouquet even if it is within the $100-dollar budget, to make the gesture even more memorable.


When you're seeking a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, a high-quality budget bouquet stands out. It's a gesture that conveys not only your sentiment but also the effort you put into selecting something special. Whether you're expressing gratitude to a friend, congratulating a colleague, or apologising to a loved one, a thoughtfully chosen premium bouquet can convey the depth of your feelings. The recipient will appreciate the beauty and care that went into selecting such a meaningful gift.

Decorating Events

For events like parties, corporate gatherings, and conferences, the right floral arrangements can transform the ambience and make a lasting impression on attendees. Bouquets with vibrant colours and sophisticated designs add elegance and a touch of luxury to the surroundings, even if they’re affordable ones. They create a welcoming atmosphere and serve as a focal point for guests, enhancing the overall experience. When planning events, going for high-quality bouquets can elevate the aesthetics and leave a lasting positive impression on attendees.

Expressing Sympathy

In times of loss and mourning, sending flowers is a traditional way to express sympathy and support. Choosing a high-quality bouquet for this purpose demonstrates your respect and genuine care for the bereaved. Fresh and beautiful flowers can provide solace and comfort during difficult times, representing the beauty that remains in the world, even in the face of sorrow. A thoughful bouquet sent as a gesture of sympathy speaks volumes and offers a source of solace to those who are grieving. For more information about choosing condolence flowers, check out our tips for selecting sympathy flowers.

Home Decor

Flowers can breathe life into your home decor, creating a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. While you may not always opt for premium bouquets for everyday use, going for high-quality budget arrangements can make your living space more vibrant and appealing. The freshness and longevity of premium blooms ensure that your home remains adorned with beauty for an extended period, enhancing a person’s daily living experience. Learn more about brightening up your home with floral decor

Celebrating Achievements

When someone achieves a significant milestone or accomplishes something noteworthy, a premium bouquet serves as a thoughtful and congratulatory gift. Whether it's a graduation, a job promotion, or a personal achievement, a bouquet expresses your pride and support. The recipient will feel acknowledged and encouraged to continue their path of success. The beauty of the bouquet mirrors the beauty of their achievements, making it a fitting tribute to their hard work and dedication.

Where to Find Premium Flowers Within Your Budget

As a renowned florist in Singapore, Floristique has mastered the art of combining premium flowers within a budget, making luxury accessible. Our dedication to affordable elegance and excellence in floral design make us the top choice for high-quality bouquets in Singapore. 

Whether you're celebrating a special moment or simply want to brighten someone's day, our stunning arrangements on a budget and exceptional service will exceed your expectations. If you have a specific vision in mind, our florists are also more than happy to customise a bouquet to meet your preferences. You can select the flowers, colours, and arrangement style to create a truly personalised gift. 

We also take pride in providing prompt and reliable delivery service. Whether you need same-day delivery or want to schedule a surprise for a future date, our 24-hour florist has you covered. Order Floristique flowers online today and find the best flowers below $100.

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