When to Send Get Well Soon Flowers: Etiquette and Meaning

| Wendy Han

When a loved one faces health challenges, recovering from surgery, or dealing with emotional upheaval, the instinct to offer comfort is a natural human response. However, the way this support is extended can make a significant difference in how it is received. Sending get well soon flowers has been a long-standing tradition, symbolising love, care, and a wish for a speedy recovery. But this seemingly simple gesture involves more nuance than one might initially think. Comprehending the etiquette around get well flowers is crucial to ensure that your well-intentioned act aligns with social norms and respects the recipient's specific circumstances and preferences. Equally important is the meaning conveyed by the choice of flowers, as different blooms and arrangements carry varying symbolic messages.

From the specific type and colour of the flowers down to the timing and method of delivery, every detail contributes to the overall sentiment your gift imparts. This is where understanding the etiquette and meaning behind get well flowers becomes essential. This guide seeks to enlighten you on these finer details, turning what might be considered a routine formality into a meaningful and impactful gesture. With this knowledge, you can confidently select a bouquet that does more than just please the eyes—it can also touch the heart and uplift spirits during challenging times.

Why Get Well Soon Flowers?

Sending get well flowers is a multifaceted gesture deeply ingrained in various cultures. These floral gifts are potent symbols of love, empathy, and support, offering more than just aesthetic value to a hospital room or home. Beyond creating inviting and healthier spaces, they also provide tangible psychological and physiological benefits backed by scientific research. 

Studies have revealed that the presence of flowers can reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing emotional well-being. The colours and fragrances of flowers are shown to promote better mental health, stimulate the senses, and contribute to mood improvement. Therefore, sending a get well soon bouquet is not merely an act of tradition or societal expectation. It is a thoughtful and beneficial practice with real emotional and physiological advantages, making it an impactful way to express well-wishes during someone's period of recovery.

The Meaning of Get Well Flowers

The flowers you choose for a get well soon bouquet do more than brighten a room; they communicate your feelings and wishes for the recipient's recovery. Understanding the symbolism behind each flower type can help you tailor your bouquet to express your sentiments more deeply. Here's how:

  • Roses: Expressions of Love and Affection: Roses have been synonymous with love and deep affection for centuries. Including roses in a get well soon bouquet sends a clear message of heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery, mainly if the recipient is someone you have close emotional ties with.
  • Daisies: Symbols of Purity and Optimism: Daisies represent purity, innocence, and optimism. Incorporating daisies into a get well soon bouquet can signify your wishes for uncomplicated health and happiness for the recipient in the future.
  • Lilies: Indicators of Renewal and Transformation: Lilies are often associated with themes of renewal and transformation. If you're sending flowers to someone going through a challenging period, lilies suggest that you hope they experience a fresh start or transformative healing.

Get Well Soon Flower Etiquette: What You Should Know

Understanding get well soon flower etiquette is more than just a courtesy; ensuring that your heartfelt gesture accomplishes its purpose – to bring comfort and encouragement is essential. Incorrectly timed or poorly chosen flowers could inadvertently cause offence or discomfort, negating the sentiment you wish to express. Hence, carefully navigating these norms is crucial to make your gesture genuinely beneficial and uplifting for the recipient.

1. Appropriate Occasions to Send Get Well Flowers

Get well flowers are a beautiful way to show your care and concern. However, choosing the right occasion for your gesture to be most effective is essential.

  • Hospitalisation: A get well soon bouquet can act as a ray of sunshine in an otherwise sterile hospital room. While flowers are generally a welcome addition, check hospital policies on flower deliveries, as some units may not allow them due to allergies or other medical concerns.
  • Recovery at Home: Once the patient is back home, the absence of medical staff and equipment can make recovery feel lonely. A flower bouquet delivered to their door can be a daily reminder of your love, support, and wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • Emotional Troubles: Not all ailments are physical. Emotional or psychological challenges like stress, anxiety, or depression can be equally debilitating. Flowers can physically embody your emotional support during these trying times, offering a visual and olfactory form of comfort.

2. Consider Cultural Sensitivities

In a culturally diverse setting like Singapore, understanding the cultural norms around flower-giving is paramount. Here's why:

  • Cultural Taboos: Some cultures have specific beliefs or superstitions about certain flowers, viewing them as bad luck or even as omens of death. Awareness of these cultural sensitivities is crucial to avoid inadvertently sending an offensive or upsetting message.
  • Colour Sensitivities: Similarly, the colour of the flowers can also hold various symbolic meanings across different cultures. For example, while white may symbolise purity and peace in some cultures, it could signify mourning or death in others.
  • Consult Professional Guidance: If you need help deciding what to choose given these cultural complexities, consulting with a reliable online florist like Floristique can be invaluable. They can guide you through selecting an aesthetically pleasing and culturally appropriate bouquet, ensuring your get well soon flowers achieve their intended purpose of conveying love and support.

3. The Dos and Don'ts

Sending get well soon gifts is more than just picking a flower bouquet and having it delivered. It's a thoughtful act that calls for some extra care and attention. By sticking to some simple rules of what to do and what not to do, you can make your gift lovely to look at and genuinely comforting and uplifting. Here are some essential tips to help you get it right.


  • Check Hospital Policies: Sending a get well soon bouquet to a hospital is a kind thought, but it's essential first to check the hospital's policies regarding gifts and flowers. Hospitals have restrictions due to hygiene reasons or potential allergic reactions. Confirming these details will ensure your flowers are both accepted and appreciated.
  • Personalise the Message: Get well flowers gain more meaning when accompanied by a heartfelt note. This personal touch can articulate what you may find hard to say in person. It turns your get well soon gifts into a more intimate gesture that speaks directly to the individual's situation.
  • Consider Allergies: Before selecting a specific type of flower for your get well soon bouquet, finding out whether the recipient has any allergies is advisable. The last thing you want is your thoughtful gesture to cause discomfort or an allergic reaction. By taking this extra step, you add another layer of thoughtfulness to your gift.


  • Avoid Strong Fragrances: While the scent of flowers can add to their allure, strong fragrances can be overwhelming and might even cause nausea, especially in a hospital setting. When selecting flowers, select milder scents, as they are likely more universally appreciated.
  • Don't Overdo the Size: While a giant flower bouquet might seem grand, it can also be overwhelming and impractical, especially in smaller spaces like hospital rooms. A modestly sized bouquet offers a more comfortable fit for tight spaces and is generally more accessible for the recipient to manage.
  • Never Send Late: Timing is critical for get well soon gifts. The point is to uplift the recipient when they need it the most. Late flowers can not only miss this window but may also appear as an afterthought, reducing the emotional impact of your gesture. Aim for timely delivery to maximise the positive effects of your get well soon flowers.

How to Choose the Right Get Well Soon Bouquet

Choosing the perfect get well soon bouquet is more than just picking pretty flowers. It involves thoughtfulness, consideration, and understanding of the sender's and recipient's preferences. After all, the goal is to lift someone's spirits during a challenging time. Here are some essential tips to guide you through the process:

1. Consult With An Expert

If you need help deciding what type of flowers to choose or how to arrange them, seeking expert advice can be beneficial. Florists like Floristique specialise in creating aesthetically pleasing and emotionally meaningful bouquets. Their expertise can guide you through selecting a bouquet that aligns with your sentiments and the recipient's tastes.

2. Go for Seasonal Choices

Choosing seasonal flowers for your get well soon bouquet offers multiple benefits. For one, seasonal flowers are generally fresher and last longer, which means they'll be a bright spot for the recipient for an extended period. They are also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, requiring fewer resources to grow and transport. Seasonal blooms are often more vibrant, offering a "freshly picked" appearance that can light up a room and, by extension, the recipient's mood.

3. Mind the Environment

Is your get well soon bouquet going to a hospital or someone's home? Space limitations and hospital policies can affect your choice. Hospitals often have restrictions on flower types, especially strongly scented flowers, as they may affect other patients. Opt for hypoallergenic flowers and a modestly-sized bouquet if you send it to a medical facility.

4. Personalise your Message

Pair a hand-written note or card with your get well soon flowers to add emotional depth to your gesture. It's an opportunity to express your wishes for a speedy recovery in your own words, making the gift even more special.

5. Timing Matters

The time you choose to send your get well soon flowers can significantly impact their effectiveness. For hospital stays, it's often best to send flowers a day after surgery or once the patient is in a regular room to ensure they can enjoy your gift.

Send Get Well Soon Bouquets Through Floristique

Sending a get well soon bouquet is about more than just flowers; it's about expressing compassion, love, and care during a challenging time. A thoughtfully selected bouquet can speak volumes, providing both comfort and encouragement. Floristique is your go-to online florist in Singapore when delivering top-quality, meaningful flower bouquets. We're here to ensure your gestures are as beautiful and impactful as you intend.

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