Fresh Cut Flowers: Peonies in Singapore

Peonies hold an undeniable charm when it comes to floral arrangements and special events. These exquisite blooms have the innate ability to add a touch of elegance and romance to any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or a simple celebration of life's beautiful moments, peonies, in the form of stunning peony bouquets or freshly cut blossoms, never fail to captivate with their natural beauty and fragrance.

While peonies are beloved for their captivating presence, it's important to note that their availability as fresh-cut flowers in Singapore can be influenced by the changing seasons. But fret not. At Floristique, we take pride in offering a stunning array of these exquisite blooms for your floral needs all year round.


Most Common Types of Peonies Offered by Florists in Singapore

When it comes to peonies, florists in Singapore, like us here at Floristique, offer a stunning variety of colours, each carrying its own unique symbolism and charm.

Here's a glimpse of the most common peony colours you can expect to find readily available at our online florist shop:

  1. White Peonies: These pristine blooms symbolise purity, grace, and innocence. This makes white peonies a classic choice for weddings, religious ceremonies, and events where a sense of elegance and new beginnings is desired.
  2. Pink Peonies: Pink peonies represent heartfelt emotions, gratitude, and sincerity. They are often chosen for weddings, anniversaries, and occasions where love and appreciation are celebrated.
  3. Purple Peonies: For those looking to convey admiration, dignity, and a touch of royalty, purple peonies are an excellent choice. They are often used to honour someone special and symbolise respect and admiration.


Wholesale Fresh Cut Peonies in Singapore

At Floristique, we take immense pride in offering a seamless and professional service for those seeking fresh-cut peonies in bulk for their special events. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the go-to destination for sourcing wholesale fresh-cut peonies.

  • Quality Assurance: When you choose Floristique for your wholesale peony needs, you can trust that you'll receive the freshest and most vibrant blooms available. This is because we source our peonies from reputable growers and suppliers, ensuring that each stem meets our rigorous standards of quality and freshness.
  • Efficient Processing: We understand how you might need your florals at a specific time, which is why we prioritise the swift processing of your wholesale peony orders. 
  • Prompt Delivery: Our reliable delivery services are designed not only to be punctual but also to preserve the freshness and integrity of your peonies during transit.
  • Customised Orders: We recognise that each event is unique, and your floral requirements may vary. Whether you need a specific quantity or colour, our team is here to accommodate your needs. 
  • Year-Round Availability: Our selection of peonies includes a variety of colours and types, allowing you to choose the perfect peonies to suit your event's theme and ambience all year round. 


Storing and Handling Large Quantities of Peonies

Storing and handling wholesale peonies requires careful attention to detail to maintain their freshness and vibrant appearance. At Floristique, we understand the nuances of preserving the beauty of peonies in bulk, and we have developed best practices to address these challenges effectively.

  • Proper Temperature Control: Peonies are sensitive to temperature changes. At Floristique, we store our wholesale peonies in a controlled environment to maintain an optimal temperature that keeps them fresh.
  • Custom Packaging: We use custom packaging techniques that provide adequate support and hydration for your peonies during transit. This packaging ensures that your peonies arrive at your location in impeccable condition and stay vibrant throughout your event.
  • Expert Handling: At Floristique, our trained professionals handle each peony stem with the utmost care, preventing damage during packaging and transportation.

When you choose Floristique for your wholesale peonies, you can trust that we have implemented these best practices to address the unique challenges of storing, handling, and transporting large quantities of peonies.


Ordering Wholesale Peonies in Singapore

Ordering wholesale peonies in Singapore with Floristique is a seamless and convenient process that ensures you have access to these stunning blooms for your special occasions. Here's what you can expect when you choose us as your peony supplier:

  • Effortless Ordering: At Floristique, we've designed our online platform to make ordering peonies wholesale a breeze. Our user-friendly interface allows you to browse our extensive collection and place your order with just a few clicks.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: Whether you require same-day islandwide delivery or prefer standard delivery for your fresh-cut peonies, we are committed to accommodating your requests.
  • Year-Round Availability: One of the advantages of choosing Floristique is our commitment to offering peonies all year round. You can count on us to provide the peonies you need, regardless of the season.

When you order peonies wholesale from Floristique, you're not just receiving exceptional blooms; you're gaining access to a hassle-free experience marked by flexibility, convenience, and a commitment to making your event truly memorable. While you're at it, check out other wholesale flowers, including fresh-cut hydrangeas and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale and Fresh Cut Peonies

1. Do peonies do well as cut flowers?

Peonies are renowned for their exceptional performance as cut flowers. They exhibit a remarkable vase life, depending on factors such as care, hydration, and environmental conditions. 

2. How long do peonies last as cut flowers?

Peonies are known for their impressive longevity as cut flowers. When properly cared for, they can last for about 5 days. Regularly changing the water and providing adequate hydration can help peonies retain their beauty throughout their vase life.

3. Will peonies keep blooming if you cut them?

Peonies, once plucked or cut after they've bloomed, will not continue to bloom. However, they will maintain their lush and vibrant appearance for an extended period when properly cared for. 

4. Do peonies have a special meaning?

They commonly represent love, prosperity, and good fortune. Their lush and opulent appearance also adds a sense of elegance and grandeur to any floral arrangement, making them a popular choice for conveying heartfelt sentiments and well-wishes.

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