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Situated in the green central region of Singapore, the town of Kallang is centred around the Kallang River, the longest river in Singapore. This riverside paradise boasts many fertile and lush plants that decorate the town’s elegant civil structures. Kallang has been home to many national landmarks including the old National Stadium and the Kallang Basin. It also includes the first civilian-purposed airport and is home to many national sporting events. 

Kallang is a town of stunning natural beauty that is dedicated to sports and industry. The many footbridges and promenades mean that locals and tourists alike can enjoy the splendor of the Kallang river, illuminated either by the sun or the magnificent city lights.

This riverside town is the perfect place to go on a date, plan a birthday party, or simply enjoy the slow flow of the river. Kallang offers many enchanting attractions for locals and tourists of all ages including shopping centres, museums, sports stadiums and more. It’s almost impossible to be bored in Kallang when there is so much natural and man-made beauty to behold. 

If you’re planning an event in Kallang, know someone who lives there, or simply want to surprise your other half with a date at Kallang, be sure to order only the freshest flower bouquets from Floristique to get them delivered to Kallang.


Get A Custom Flower Bouquet Delivered to Kallang- For Free!

Bouquets are the perfect gift for any occasion, but finding something that is tasteful and reflects what you want to say can be difficult. If you’re struggling to express yourself through flowers or don’t have the time to browse for florists in Kallang, consider looking for an online florist, such as Floristique. We offer an array of prearranged and seasonal bouquets for all your decoration needs. If none of our options appeal to you, we can help you construct a custom bouquet to match the occasion. 

Best of all, we offer a complimentary delivery service for all our customers looking to send flowers to Kallang. Our expert florists will ensure that your order is prepared intricately and delivered to your door in a timely manner. We want to take the challenge out of flower-buying so you, and your recipient, can enjoy fresh and vibrant floral arrangements without having to visit a florist. 


Our Delivery Timeframes

We deliver our bouquets and floral arrangements to Kallang every day of the week so you can get flowers delivered for any occasion. We offer two time slots for our free delivery service: 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm. 


Same-Day Flower Delivery Throughout Kallang 

We also offer a same day flower delivery service for orders made on weekdays before 2pm, and on weekends before 11am. Our team of florists will ensure your bouquet is carefully crafted and delivered to Kallang within our 2-6pm delivery time slot. 


H3 Special Timing Surcharge 

If you have a special delivery request for a time of day not included in our time slots, do note that there will be a $25 surcharge for your delivery. 

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