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Jurong Florist

Without a doubt, putting together the best blooms takes more than just grabbing any and every flower type, wrapping them all together, and finishing off with embellishments. In short, they are works of art created by florists who are experienced in floral creations. Each delicate bouquet is styled individually with love and thoughts. However, finding the perfect flower shop in the Jurong area can be a tricky endeavour, especially if you are looking for a bouquet that spells extraordinary – we understand. But hold right there, we have some good news for you. At Floristique, we offer free delivery services to Jurong, so you no longer have to hit the high street to pick out the best blooms and travel miles just to bring them to your loved ones. 



As a modern high-street florist in Singapore, our team hits the sweet spot for the most affordable, high-quality and of course, aesthetically pleasing blooms. Right at our platform, you can uncover a repertoire of fresh flower arrangements that promise to have your recipient falling hard for it – every bouquet is literally a breath of fresh air. Plus, did you know that our flowers are handpicked daily? 


Has your partner’s birthday slipped your mind, and it hits you like a ton of bricks at the very last minute? You might be scrambling to hunt for a last-minute bouquet at this point. Lucky for you, our 24-hour team is here to help! Beyond our daily open slots, you can count on us to deliver urgent orders to Jurong even in the wee hours – just ring us up at +65 9853 4620. 


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