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Each of your wedding anniversary is a very special milestone. Ever wonder what is the best gift to give to your significant other? Well get your guards prepared folks, anniversary flower bouquets from Floristique is officially Singapore’s most romantic gift.

It is a beautiful known tradition to send and receive wedding anniversary flowers as a token of appreciation, and affection of your love on your special ocassion. Sending a specific type of flower to your love one is also a secret way to convey a message. For example, sending carnations for your first anniversary is a symbol of commitment, loyalty, and joy to look forward in the years to come. You can also send unique flowers such as sunflowers that represent warmth, strength, loyalty, and fidelity or even daisies. The petal of daisies that are a symbol of beauty, and purity represents your relationship that can grow from the strong core center. Not only that, you can also give roses, because who doesn’t love roses? Like diamonds, they are also a girl’s best friend.

Ever since its launch, Floristique has always offer the finest yet affordable flower bouquets that is perfect for your wedding anniversary celebration. Our ranges of flowers are suitable for birthdays, get well soon messages, and of course wedding anniversary. There are many range of sizes, and varieties of choices that you get to choose. You can even make your own flower bouquets with your preferred flower arrangements to suit your love one’s preferences. You get to send a beautiful bouquet of red roses, peach roses, hydrangea, or even mix and match flowers that you’d like.

Our website allows you to choose a bouquet that suits you or your significant other the most. You know what they say, happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. So a simple yet beautiful flower bouquet can symbolise your happiness and bring a piece of it to other people. 

It doesn’t stop there as well, our delivery service is available for you to access with our dedicated customer service so you are able to make an order easily, and efficiently with the click of a button. With easy online access, you get to pick your favourite flower bouquets through our website. We have daily open slots every 9 am - 10 pm, but don’t worry we also accept urgent orders that you can make by contacting 9853 4620. We also have a same-day delivery service that will deliver your orders to your precious ones in no time.

Floristique indeed offers you a very affordable price range with the best qualities of flowers, even better we also offer you special discount for those who are lucky. So let us help you find the most perfect gift for your special one on your special day! Make orders now and visit

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