$89 Bouquets Series

Flowers have long been given as gifts since time in memorial. With their sublime beauty and alluring fragrance, it’s only natural that the act of flower gifting has withstood the stand of time and is still part and parcel of our social customs. No matter the occasion, there’s always an excuse to bring along a bouquet of flowers. Whether it’d be an intimate gathering between friends or a lavish wedding ceremony to tie two lovebirds in marital union, a bunch of beautiful, delicate blooms will always be on site to offer their exquisite allure to the world.

If you’re looking for blooms on a budget, look no further than Floristique! Take your pick from our curated selection of flower bouquets priced below $100.


Understanding Flower Language

In addition to their unparalleled beauty, flowers also carry with them meanings and symbolism that serve to add another layer to the floral gifts. These meanings help to bring across one’s intentions, emotions and thought - all of which is encapsulated and embodied by a bundle of precious blooms.

If you’re looking to gift your loved ones with a flower bouquet, check out some of the popular flowers in our below $100 catalogue and what they mean.


Peony flowers are renowned for their beauty and are celebrated in all parts of the world, from Greece, the United Kingdom to China and Japan. Whilst they may have varying nuances and uses, peonies, as a whole, are celebrated as symbols of prosperity, good luck, love and honour. But if taking into account their colours, each peony has its individual meanings as well. White peonies, for one, symbolises bashfulness and are, thus, great for times when you’ve said or done something wrong and would like to apologise. Red peonies indicate love, passion and respect - a perfect gift for your significant other no matter the stage your relationship is at.


Freesias are flowers that spark intrigue and awe in equal measures. Aside from their delicate beauty, these flowers only grow along one side of the stalk and have an unusual habit of turning at right angles. This means that their stems will grow parallel to the ground but will have their flowers remain facing upright. Aside from this curious zygomorphic nature, freesias are also known to exist in a myriad of colours. This naturally brings about varied meanings and symbolisms. Red freesias not only indicate love and passion, but they also carry the strongest scent. If your loved one favours strong floral aromas, these flowers are most ideal. If you’re looking to gift a flower bouquet to your mother and significant partner, pink freesias are a great choice as they symbolise femininity and love. In fact, they’re great focus flowers for bridal bouquets and wedding table arrangements.


While undeniably beautiful with their pom-pom-esque flowerheads, hydrangeas can mean different things to different cultures. In Japan, the flower is associated with heartfelt emotions, understanding, and apology. In Europe, however, it stands to mean arrogance and boastfulness. While they may signify different things across cultures, the meanings of the distinct colours are mostly uniform in the world. Blue hydrangea, for instance, is associated with a sense of gratitude and understanding for somebody else, and is a thoughtful way of admitting that you’re sorry. Pink hydrangeas, on the other hand, symbolise true feelings and the meaning of love - perfect for wedding bouquets or table arrangements.


Leverage Our Customising Services

At Floristique, we wish to curate a beautiful bouquet for you and your receiver. Our selection of precious blooms carries a wide range of flowers to perfectly embody your emotions, thoughts and intentions. From carnations, hydrangeas, lilies to peonies - choose your favourites from our collection today!

If you wish to take your flower gifting to the next level, consider tapping into our customisation services! We can include a few add-ons like fairy lights, vases, and hampers, to give an added appeal to your gift. In addition, if you’re scouring high and low for a particular bouquet or arrangement, we can help! Simply prepare a picture of what you’d like, our florist team will do our best to replicate it. Contact us via wendy@floristique.sg to kickstart the process!


Have Your Precious Blooms Be Delivered Safely to Your Receiver

Browse through our catalogue of flower bouquets priced below $100 and gift your loved one precious blooms from Floristique today! With every online purchase, you can enjoy free islandwide delivery. We offer same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on the weekends. For those who wish to have their flowers be delivered at a specific timing, do note that there’ll be an additional charge of $25.

Make somebody else’s day with a flower bouquet today!


Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Bouquets Below $100

What are the available sizes for the flower bouquets at Floristique?

We offer flower bouquets in three sizes: Single (S), Double (M) and Triple (L). Do note that the number of main and secondary flowers will be doubled or tripled for the latter sizes. For fillers and foliage, they will be added accordingly to suit the design of the bouquet - this means they may or may not be doubled or tripled.

Can I replace my flowers, fillers or foliage from the flower bouquet?

Yes, you can! While we offer such services, do note that all of our flowers are subjected to seasonal availability. In the case where the flowers are unavailable, we will replace them with others that are of the same value. As such, please understand that the colour, size and shape have a chance that they will vary from the product photos - but this unpredictability and individualised beauty are the reason why we gravitate to flowers in the first place. Nonetheless, we will create exceptional flower bouquets just for you.

How long can I keep these flowers for?

Unfortunately, these flowers can only last up to a week at most - that is, if proper care has been given to them. Upon receiving the flowers, ensure that the stems are cut at a 45-degree angle. Reconditioning should be done every single day. This includes retrimming their stems and removing any dead leaves and petals. Be sure to protect them from Singapore's hot and humid weather by keeping these flowers in a shaded and cool environment.

Alternatively, you can consider browsing our Everlast series for dried and preserved bouquets that are just as beautiful as their fresh counterparts.

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