$79 Bouquets Series

Life is made out of multiple serendipitous moments that slowly accumulate to make up some of the happiest memories. It could be something so mundane as having an intimate dinner with your significant other in your quaint home or an extravagant birthday celebration gathering for a friend. Commemorate these special moments, both big and small, with a bouquet of flowers - a gift that perfectly encapsulates your emotions and thoughts, all bundled up in a beautiful arrangement of flora and fauna. Tell your loved ones that you appreciate them with an esoteric yet elegant language of flowers and watch their eyes sparkle with innate gratitude.

If you’re looking to do just that, let Floristique help you! With our wide selection of exquisite flower arrangements, you’re bound to find a bouquet that speaks to you and your receiver. Come take your pick from any of these bouquets that are below $80.


Immerse Yourself in the Language of Flowers

For some, putting their thoughts and emotions into words is an act as simple as breathing. For others, however, doing so is anything but. The latter requires a lot of time and effort to compute and be made into a string of words. If you fall under this category, let the flowers do the job for you! Take a look at some of the popular flowers we offer for bouquets below $80 and what they mean.


Since ancient times, roses have been admired for their fragrance, beauty, and healing properties. With their great beauty and mesmerising fragrance, it’s only natural that they’re one of the most popular flowers to be given as a gift. Beyond their association to romantic love and Valentine’s Day, roses are imbued with heavy symbolism, and these meanings differ with each colour, blossom shape, and age (i.e. rosebuds as opposed to fully-bloomed roses). For instance, a red rose may symbolise romance and love, but a red rosebud signifies beauty and purity, whereas a thornless red rose means love at first sight. A bundle of pink roses indicates appreciation and gratitude, while yellow roses symbolise friendship, joy, and new beginnings.


While many associate the tulips with the Netherlands, these flowers originated from Central Asia and were first cultivated in Turkey. Like roses, the meaning that each tulip carries is dependent on its colours. White tulips have a meaning of forgiveness, respect, and honour, making them ideal when you wish to show remorse to someone or celebrate a religious milestone. Meanwhile, yellow tulips symbolise cheerfulness and hope. In fact, Victorians believed these flowers to mean “there’s sunshine in your smile” - so if there’s anybody that’s a personification of the sun in your life, you can gift them a bunch of yellow tulips to express your gratitude and appreciation!

Baby’s Breaths

No matter how small the flower or how seemingly meagre they appear to be, each flower carries weight and symbolic value that serve a delicate message to the world. Baby’s breath flowers are mild and gentle, offering a soft and alluring beauty like no other. They are perfect as fillers or the focus flowers - all that’s left is to pick out the right ones! White baby’s breaths stand to mean unity, innocence, and spirituality - which is why you would often see them in wedding ceremonies and baby showers. Pink baby’s breaths, on the other hand, symbolise gentle emotions, love and romance.


Taking Your Bouquets to the Next Level

At Floristique, we’re here to help you find the perfect blooms to gift your loved one. Our curated selection of floral bouquets carries an eclectic range of flowers to perfectly encapsulate your intentions. From baby’s breaths, tulips, roses to sunflowers - there’s bound to be one for you and your receiver.

Don’t hesitate to take your bouquets to the next level by leveraging our customisation services! Should you wish for it, we can throw a few add-ons, such as fairy lights, vases, and hampers, into the mix. If you have a specific bouquet or arrangement in mind, prepare a picture and we will do our best to replicate it to the best of our abilities. Simply contact us via wendy@floristique.sg to get started!


Order Your Flower Bouquets at Floristique Today

Gift your loved ones a bouquet of flowers priced below $80 from Floristique today! Enjoy complimentary delivery services alongside your beautiful blooms. We offer same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on the weekends. For those who wish to have their flowers be delivered at a specific timing, do note that an additional charge of $25 applies.

Don’t wait any longer and make your order for a flower bouquet today!


Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Bouquets Below $80

How do I take care of my flowers at home?

Upon receiving the flowers, you (or your receiver) will need to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle at the desired height to fit in a vase. Consider adding flower food in the water to give them a nutrient boost. Don’t forget to recondition them every day by retrimming their stems, removing any dead leaves and petals. Keeping in mind Singapore’s weather, it’s important to keep these flowers in a shaded and cool environment of your home.

How long do these flowers last?

These flowers can usually last up to a week. Those looking to keep them for far longer can consider drying and preserving them instead. Have a look at our Everlast series for more.

Can I have my flowers, fillers or foliage replaced?

Yes, you can! However, do note that our flowers are subjected to seasonal availability. If the said flowers are unavailable, we shall replace them with others that carry equal value. As such, please understand that the colour, size and shape may appear different from the product photos - after all, that’s the beauty of nature. Nonetheless, our florist team will craft out beautiful flower bouquets just for you.

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