$69 Bouquets Series

For centuries, flowers have enticed and captivated many with their sublime beauty and alluring fragrance. These attributes have made them become a staple in gift-giving for centuries, and such a practice is still prevalent in today’s society. They have easily become the universal beauty for any occasion - whether it’d be to commemorate the marital union between two lovers, to welcome a newborn into the family, to celebrate one’s graduation, or even as simple yet powerful a display of the love you hold for your significant other. No matter the event, a bunch of delicate blooms will always offer you the perfect embodiment of your true feelings and intentions when words fail to capture.

If you’re looking for blooms on a budget, look no further than Floristique! Take your pick from our curated selection of flower bouquets priced below $100.


The Subtle Beauty of the Flower Language

Mankind has been using flowers as means of communication for hundreds of years. Floriography, the language of flowers, was developed as a form of communication at a time when societal decorum stated that open and direct expression of one’s feelings was frowned upon. This is especially applied during instances where one intends to convey strong feelings like love, sympathy, remorse and appreciation, emotions that may be too uncomfortable to be spoken aloud.

If you’re too shy or hesitant to bring your emotions and intentions across to another person, express it all with a bouquet of the most precious blooms! Have a look at some of the popular flowers in our below $70 catalogue and discover what each of them symbolises.


The stunning, albeit uncommon cotton flower is, in fact, not a flower at all! Otherwise known as gossypium, these delicate flowers are very similar to dandelions, such that when they “bloom”, the cotton will fly away and drift in the air. It gives the impression that they are all running after each other, which subsequently gives birth to its meaning of separation and cherishing one another. Beyond that, they are also a favoured gift to symbolise marriage - which is why you’d often see them in wedding ceremonies.

Calla Lilies

These elegant blooms have a rich heritage that embraces seemingly contradictory symbolism. On the one hand, the calla lily carries a meaning of life and fertility, while on the other hand, it is also known as a symbol of death.

Despite its alluring appearance, don’t be fooled - the spike inside the calla lily flower is the true flower, while the outer petal part is its leaf. The ancient Egyptians and Romans recognise the phallic nature of the inner spike and have bestowed the meaning of fertility and sexuality in the respective cultures. Both of these meanings came into play when the calla lilies became a popular floral decor for weddings - the white petal represents the chasteness of the bride whilst the inner spike symbolises fertility. Over time, the pairing naturally gave new meanings to the calla lily: marital bliss and true devotion.

King Protea

Among the oldest families of flowers on Earth, dating back 300 million years, the king protea is a flower that will garner admiration and awe simply by its massive size alone. The flower head features long, petal-like, stiff and pointed bracts, which can come in a variety of colours.

The primary symbolic meanings of the king protea are strength, courage and resilience - qualities that are a reflection of the plant’s tenacity to survive even the most extreme climate conditions. Proteas also symbolise diversity due to the hundreds of variations in colour and shape found within their genus.


Purchase Your Precious Blooms at Floristique Today

At Floristique, we are dedicated to creating a beautiful bouquet that is not only stunning, but also perfectly embodies your thoughts and feelings. We proudly carry a wide selection of precious blooms, including baby breaths, roses and tulips. You’re sure to find your favourites from our collection!

If you wish to add your own flavour to the bouquet, consider leveraging our customisation services! We can provide you with a couple of add-ons, such as fairy lights, vases and hampers, to boost its visual appeal. If you wish to create or recreate a specific bouquet or arrangement, simply prepare a picture of what you’re looking for and our florist team will do our best to replicate it. Contact us via wendy@floristique.sg to start!

Make your special person’s day with a flower bouquet priced below $70 today!


Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Bouquets Below $70

What are the bouquet sizes that Floristique offers?

We offer three sizes: Single (S), Double (M) and Triple (L). When deciding the size, do take note that only the main and secondary flowers will double or triple in numbers. As for fillers and foliages, they will be added accordingly to suit the design of the bouquet, which means that they may or may not be doubled or tripled for the latter sizes.

How long can I keep these flowers for?

Unfortunately, these flowers do not have a very long lifespan - they only last up for a week at most, and that is if proper care has been given to them. Upon receiving the flowers, the first thing you’ll want to do is to cut the stems  a 45-degree angle. Reconditioning should also be done every single day. This includes retrimming their stems and removing any dead leaves and petals. Be sure to protect them from Singapore's hot and humid weather by keeping these flowers in a shaded and cool environment.

If you wish to have your flowers last longer, you may want to consider dried and preserved bouquets from our Everlast series instead.

Can I have my flower bouquets delivered?

Yes, you can! With every online purchase, we offer a free islandwide delivery service. We offer same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on the weekends. If you wish to have your flowers be delivered at a specific timing, do note that there’ll be an additional charge of $25.

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