$49 Bouquets Series

Finding the perfect bouquet of flowers can be difficult, especially if you're on a budget. Look no further than Floristique to enjoy the best deals for flower bouquets under $50. With top-notch quality of the freshest flowers, all you need to do is order online and leave the rest to us!


Choose Meaningful Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers are a great way to show someone you care. Whether it be your significant other or your best friend, flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. The best part is, there are many types of flowers to choose from so there is something for everyone. To get started, here are some top favourites for your bouquet below $50.

Baby’s Breath

When someone says "baby's breath," what do you think of? A sweet, innocent name for a delicate flower that is often used in bouquets. The meaning behind giving someone a charming bouquet of baby’s breath flowers could be anything from "congratulations" or "welcome home" to "thinking of you." Whether you are searching for a thoughtful present for your sister who just had her first child or buying flowers for someone on their birthday, this flower can make the perfect gift when bundled up in a specially-curated bouquet!


Apart from the classic rose, the meaning of tulips is also said to represent the gift of love. In many cultures, a single tulip is given as a sign of perfect love or friendship. Tulips are also associated with birth and Mother's Day in some countries because they symbolise youthfulness and rebirth. Available in a wide range of colours, you can choose your flowers below $50 based on your desired meaning. Pink tulips, for instance, is a romantic sentiment that represents innocence. This flower can also signify admiration or appreciation for someone's beauty, which makes it perfect for expressing affection to your partner.

White tulips, on the other hand, stands for the purity and innocence that surrounds a new relationship. They are often given to someone you have just started dating, or to celebrate an anniversary. When it comes to love or relationships, this flower can be seen as symbolic of the purest form of affection one could offer another person — and yes, that means they are ideal for relationships!


Carnations are another popular flower that represent romance and love. They can be a sign of strength, admiration, or gratitude. These flowers also represent the feeling of being blessed and brightening someone's day. The meaning behind pink carnations, for example, stems from romance and thankfulness. The light pink beauties in particular can represent mother-like love. Here at Floristique, our range of handcrafted flower bouquets can convey your thoughts in the most thoughtful way, adding the perfect meaning to complete your special day.


Order Online Today

Apart from flower bouquets below $50, you may also find fresh posies starting from as low as $40. If you’re big on your surprises, opt for luxurious flower bouquets of up to $100 to spoil your loved one on any special occasion. On top of tulips, carnations and baby’s breath flowers, discover what’s in store for you when you order flowers for your friend or family member at Floristique.

And that’s not all! We provide same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on Saturdays & Sundays so you won’t have to rush to prepare the perfect gift. Can’t wait to start planning the ideal present for your special someone? Have Floristique’s flower bouquets below $50 in your list of things to buy — so in this aspect, you have nothing to worry about!


Beyond Gifting Purposes

Did you know an exquisite arrangement of flowers can also do wonders to brighten up the look of your house? Place a beautiful bunch of flowers on your bedside table or desk to help create an environment that promotes relaxation and positive thoughts before going to sleep each night. Or put them in vases around the house as they release refreshing scents when they're placed near window sills or on shelves where they'll get plenty of sunlight. There are plenty of reasons to shop for fresh flowers on a regular basis when it comes to beautifying your home.

To get started, simply explore our flower bouquets below $50 or browse through our full collection for more stunning curations.


Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Bouquets Below $50

What kind of bouquet should I get?

While budget is always one of our customers’ main concerns, there are other considerations when it comes to choosing flower bouquets. A good tip is to think about what type of flowers you would like and if there are any colours that may mean something special to you or someone else. From our bouquets below $50, you can narrow down your options with these in mind.

Alternatively, your next best bet is to shop by occasion via our easy-to-navigate categories that have you covered for anniversaries, birthdays, graduation and more.

Can I customise my flower bouquet?

Want to add in some personal touches to your bouquet gift and amp up its wow factor? From your preferred colour palette to your choice of flowers, our team at Floristique can craft a unique flower bouquet to nail down the bouquet design you have in mind.

For flower bouquet customisation services and other queries, you can always reach out to us at +65 6904 4046 or email us at Wendy@floristique.sg.

What makes a good flower bouquet?

There is no one answer to this question. However, there are some universal truths about making a good flower arrangement. The best arrangements use fresh flowers with a variety of complementary shades and textures. A stunning flower bouquet is one that is well-balanced and looks gorgeous upon delivery.

With the perfect mix of colours, you can feel at ease knowing that you’ve ordered a pleasing bouquet that can bring joy. Any recipient will appreciate your sweet gesture when you purchase any of our flower bouquets below $50 and more at Floristique.

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