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Buy Fresh Flowers at Suntec with Singapore’s Top Florist

Everybody loves the feeling of receiving flowers - who doesn’t? 
It’s a simple pleasure that never fails to surprise. With their vivid colours and stunning blooms, flowers make an ideal gift for any occasion. Knowing how to spot the freshest blooms will not only ensure your flowers look their best but it will also allow you to make the most out of your purchase.    

How to Tell Your Flowers Are Fresh

If you are planning to hand-pick the flowers yourself, take a look at the appearance of the leaves and flower petals. If you notice any discolouration or signs of wilting, these are some tell-tale signs that the flowers are not fresh. Check the stems next if they are bent or broken, which may potentially affect their water and nutrient absorption. A green, healthy-looking stem that feels sturdy will guarantee the freshness of the flowers. For flowers that will last longer, consider choosing ones with growing buds that will soon be in full bloom.  

Explore Our Full Catalogue of Fresh Flowers

If you lack the time, you may prefer ordering your bouquet online instead. Presenting an elaborately arranged bouquet of flowers to a loved one can ultimately brighten anyone’s day for both the gifter and receiver. And with a dedicated florist like Floristique, you can find the most perfect bouquet on our website to best convey your thoughts and feelings. You can also consider floral boxes or preserved and dried flowers that will maintain their natural beauty for a long period of time. The best part? We deliver to all parts of Singapore so if you are living or working near Suntec, you can order your flowers and arrange for free delivery to your location.  
Place your order before 2 pm and get the freshest flowers delivered to Suntec all on the same day! That’s what you can expect from our online flower shop. Get started with Floristique today. 

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