How Do You Celebrate Your Child's Graduation?

| Wendy Han

When your child graduates from high school or university, as a parent you will feel proud of your child’s accomplishments. This is a huge milestone for their lives and is often an entry point to a flourishing career or further study. It’s important to let your child know that you are proud of them and support them on this momentous occasion; no matter what degree they’ve chosen, they’ve worked hard to get to the end. 

Celebrating your child's accomplishments isn’t just for graduating university – you can use these tips to celebrate any major milestone whether that be a promotion, engagement, receiving a scholarship or getting their first professional job. Use these tips to show your child that you’re proud of them and excited for what the next stage of their life holds. 

Creative ideas for celebrating graduation 

1. Create a board with memories of their childhood and youth

Achievements like graduation often cause us to examine how we got to this point. You may recall when your child first started their education journey and everything that happened in between. Try channelling this nostalgia into a creative activity by putting together a board with memories of their childhood and early days of education. This could include teachers notes, school photos, crafts, scorecards, family photos- the only limit is your imagination. You can also write some encouraging notes to go on this board. 

This gift is sure to make you and your child nostalgic for the past, and is a fun way of recognising how far they’ve come. 

2. Bake graduation themed goodies 

Everybody likes receiving baked goods, especially when they’re home made. Try cooking up your child’s favourite dessert to celebrate their graduation. You can tailor your sweet treats to the occasion for a more personal touch- graduate gingerbread people anyone? This sweet and homely gift is sure to make your child feel supported (and amused) on this momentous occasion.

3. Write a heartfelt letter to your child to convey your pride

For some people, gifts may be impractical or a challenge to deliver.  In this case, consider writing a heartfelt letter to your child detailing how proud you are of their achievements. These gifts can become sentimental tokens that your child treasures for the rest of their life. Write about their previous achievements, how they’ve grown over the past few years, and how excited you are to see what they will achieve in the future. It doesn’t matter what is included, so long as it is honest and encouraging. As a bonus, you can send this letter in the post as a pleasant surprise if you live far away from each other. 

4. Ask your child to write a letter to their younger self 

When we are young, we often have doubts about our future, the kinds of people we will be and the kinds of people we want to be. Encouraging your child to write a letter to their younger self is a great way to reflect on what they’ve learnt since they were a teenager. Maybe they’ve gone in a completely different direction than they planned or learned surprising things about themselves. If they decide to write a letter, they can also keep it to pass onto their children. Try out this reflective activity to mark your child’s graduation. 

5. Give them a special gift

Alongside these options, the classic and universally accepted way to acknowledge someone's achievements is through gifts. Chocolates, flowers and jewellery are all traditional celebratory gifts. To avoid coming across as generic, try and personalise these gifts to your child’s taste. If they adore sunflowers, consider choosing a graduation bouquet that features these sturdy blooms. If they are going into the workforce, cufflinks or some tasteful earrings would make a good gift. Use these general gift ideas as a starting point to develop something truly personal. To help you choose the perfect graduation bouquet, Singapore florist floristique has you covered with our range of graduation flowers. You can browse the collection to find the perfect bouquet for your child’s graduation. 

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