5 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day 2022

| Wendy Han


According to the official International Women’s Day (IWD) website, this annual celebration is “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” It is an important occasion for identifying the achievements of women and advocating for global gender equality.

This celebration which occurs on the 8th of March was started in 1911 when countries including Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland decided to honour it officially. This decision followed years of campaigning for women's right to vote, hold office and participate in the workplace.

Today, women experience much more freedom in these areas thanks to initiatives like IWD and the actors behind it. There are still many gender-based injustices in the world which IWD highlights. This year, the focus is on “Gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow” which elides green solutions with gender equality. 

You can use this day to recognise the women who inspire you and learn more about how women are operating in the world today. We’ve put together some ideas for how you- and your girlfriends- can celebrate IWD this year.


How can you show your support for women? 

1. Let a female colleague know you’re inspired by them

International Women’s Day came about during a time when women were campaigning for the right to work. It is fitting, then, to use this occasion to show your female colleagues that you appreciate them. You can do this by writing them a note, taking them out for coffee, getting them flowers or performing an act of service. Work can be thankless and challenging at times, sending off a thoughtful email to a woman who inspires you or your work wife can help them get through challenging days. Don’t be afraid to mention that you admire them for things separate from work; compassion, work-life balance, determination and confidence are all admirable traits that appear in the workplace.



2. Watch a movie directed by a woman

In 2021, women made up 17% of directors working on the 250 highest grossing films of 2021. The relationship between women and film is complex; in front of and behind the camera, women have had to deal with intense criticism and doubt cast on their abilities. There is a huge amount of high-quality films written and directed by women. We recommend Emma which came out in 2020 and was directed by Autumn de Wilde. If period dramas aren’t your thing, there’s a fantastic collection of films written by women here.

3. Read a book by a feminist icon

If you prefer books to watching movies or simply want to try something new, then reading a book by a famous woman could be a fun activity for you. There are hundreds of biographies of women in politics, film and business for you to choose from. These stories are often fraught with challenges that will make you feel inspired. But not all biographies have a feel good message – humans are complex and often women in power make questionable decisions. Reading challenging books like Margaret Thatcher’s biography or exploitative industries headed by women can help provide a nuanced understanding of women in history.



4. Host a virtual event or a small coffee session

Role models are a great way for women to visualise their aspirations. Try running an online conference or talk where a successful woman in your field discusses her experiences and provides advice to those wanting to follow a similar route. Alternatively, host an in-person coffee event where the women in your workplace, school or community can come together and share your aspirations. You may find that role models emerge from the people around you.

5. Treasure female friendships

It’s easy to engage in ‘girlboss’ talk when it comes to IWD. Everyone wants to feel empowered around this time, but that can quickly become shallow rhetoric that doesn’t engage with women’s lived experiences. The best way to break out of girlboss stereotypes is by listening deeply to your friends and developing a nuanced perspective of their complex inner lives. Deep friendships are some of the most rewarding relationships; just as you support and listen to your female friends, they listen to and support you as well. You can show your female friends that you treasure and appreciate the relationship by writing a letter, making time for them or delivering flowers. Choose a bouquet that you think they would enjoy and use it as a symbol of your appreciation.



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