The Ultimate Guide to Buying Get Well Soon Flowers

| Wendy Han

It’s never good news when a good friend is hospitalised. Instead of just wishing them well with a text that reads “Get Well Soon”, why not make them feel extra special by sending them a gift? 

Flowers are a popular option especially since they symbolise care and concern. While there are countless Get Well Soon bouquets in Singapore for you to take your pick, you want to ensure the flowers convey your utmost sincerity and are handled by a trustworthy flower delivery Singapore florist.


Read on for some tips to choose a gorgeous Get Well Soon bouquet that is sure to brighten your recipient’s day.


1. Focus on Bright colours

Sending flowers of bright shades will help anyone feel positive and jovial. If you want to brighten a sick friend’s day, you might want to focus on flowers with attractive and eye-catching colours. Psychologically, bright-coloured flowers can help to provide energy and change the moods of people. There are several attractive colours like yellow, orange, red, pink that you can select from when sending flowers to your loved ones who are hospitalised. 

Bright colours like red and yellow can make you feel energised and offset any negativity. 

Yellow colour exhibits warmth and helps to calm and relax the mind. Sending yellow flowers like sunflower and sword lily could make your recipient feel composed and serene. 

Similarly, the red colour reflects love and positivity that can help patients overcome possible negativity surrounding their health. You can select from bright-coloured hydrangea, peonies or sunflowers when considering to buy Get Well Soon Flowers.

On the other hand, make sure you avoid flowers with gloomy colours as they could give off the wrong impression. Avoid colours like white and pale yellow.


2. Look for Flowers with Lighter Scents

Strong and heavy smells might not be wise for someone who is hospitalised. Patients who have been hospitalised can be sensitive to strong scents. With that in mind, it is a good idea to gift a flower that has a soft-to-medium smell.

Flowers like sunflower and tulips produce floral and honey-like smells that are soothing. Your friends or relatives at the hospital can enjoy the poignant natural smell right in their rooms without having to step out.


3. Make Sure The Arrangement of Flowers is on Point

Believe it or not, there are many ways floral arrangements can go wrong. Floral arrangement takes many years to master. And when you are gifting a bunch of flowers to someone who is feeling unwell, you wouldn’t want to give them a random mess. Instead, you want a gift that is carefully put together which expresses your concern and brightens their day. 

Anything gifted with love needs to look spectacular, especially when sending gifts to a close friend. In this sense, it's a good idea to neatly arrange the flowers in a beautiful bouquet. Even if you are a total newbie to floral arrangement, you can select from a wide range of readily-arranged get well soon bouquets instead. They come in all sorts of designs and colours. 

Carefully arranging the flowers to give a picturesque look will surely put a smile on your recipient’s face. Every time they set their eyes on the get well soon bouquets they would be reminded of your care and affection. 

Feel free to attach a card with your well wishes to make your gift extra special!


4. Be Careful about Your Choice of Flower

When you buy Get Well Soon flowers and send them to the patients, be mindful about risks. For instance, try to avoid flowers like roses which have thorns. If you still want to send roses, then the stems should be removed to ensure that your recipient does not get cut by the thorns.

Alternatively, you could opt for rose flower boxes instead. They keep the stems away and still look as alluring! 

Be mindful about plant allergies as well, as you do not want your gift to trigger any discomfort.

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