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Sorry's Not the Hardest Word With Flowers

| Wendy Han

Sometimes, we say things we don't mean or mistreat people to pursue our own ambitions. By our actions, we hurt others, which can sever the strong relationships we have with them. The hardest thing to do is apologise and make amends for our thoughtless actions. 

Of course, it doesn't need to be that way. There are some reasons to be brave and apologise, besides it being the right thing to do. We'll briefly explain why you should and how a sorry flower bouquet may just be the solution.

Why is apologising important?

We know it isn’t always easy to apologise, but it’s essential that you do as soon as possible. When we wrong someone, we give the impression that we don’t care about others in society. It makes you look self-centred and shows a certain lack of respect. 

Apologising is important from a psychological point of view. It establishes that you understand how people are meant to treat each other. You’re showing empathy for the other person, recognising the pain you caused them. They’ll see you as a kind-hearted person and not a threat. It validates their feelings, revealing that you’re mature enough to accept responsibility.

Reasons to apologise

Apologising isn’t just about making you and the other party feel better about your role in society. Relationships, even brief ones with strangers, can cause significant stress. It creates an air of negativity between you, which can be a source of conflict and pain if you’re close to each other.

One of the reasons to apologise is to reduce this conflict and mend any wounds. It also rebuilds trust, which is so hard to earn in the first place. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of explaining for the other person to understand why you acted the way you did. However, saying sorry and meaning it does pave the way to make it easier. 

On many occasions, the remorse and guilt for what you did might eat you up on the inside. For the other person, it may not be such a big matter. Still, apologising will help you heal the shame, preventing you from becoming physically and emotionally ill and negatively affecting your life.

Why is it sometimes hard to apologise?

Some people say that pride prevents them from saying sorry, but it’s more than that. It can be hard to acknowledge that we’re not perfect and we make mistakes. The emotion and action make us feel inadequate, that by apologising we’re saying there’s something wrong with us. 

Another reason it may be hard to apologise is due to the acknowledgement of guilt. You’re worried that, if you say sorry, the other person won’t admit that they also had a role to play in the events. However, saying sorry may open the door to them admitting their partial guilt and restoring your relationship.

How do you apologise?

Saying sorry doesn’t mean anything if you’re not sincere. You should think about what you want to say and make plans to change your behaviour if necessary. Don’t make any promises, as it can be easy to repeat the action. You don’t want to break that trust you’re trying to earn back.

Also, don’t be willing to accept any unreasonable actions towards reconciliation from the other person. If they want you to do something to show you’re sorry that you’re uncomfortable, then tell them. You only need to take responsibility for your actions, not save the world. 

An incredible way to apologise is by a beautiful gesture. You can buy them sorry flowers, which consists of a bouquet with stunning blooms that have specific meanings. For instance, the Euphoria floristique flower delivery has roses and carnations, both of which are ideal for showing remorse and regret.

Say You’re Sorry With Floristique’s Flower Bouquets

Saying sorry may be hard, but you can make it easier on both of you with a sorry flower bouquet. It will reduce the stress and stubbornness on both ends and will set the mood for the conversation to come. 

Even if you don’t meet up, you can still send them apology bouquets from our florists in Singapore. Feel free to contact us today to discuss the best option for you.

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