The Colour Black: What It Says About Your Personality

| Wendy Han

The colour black - some state that it represents death and bad luck. Others, however, adore it and regard the colour black as a symbol of empowerment and class.

Believe it or not, your favourite colour says a lot about your personality. Read on to be mind blown! 

Meaning of the Colour Black

Black is such a powerful colour that it could mean a variety of things. 

It represents sophistication and class, making it such an elegant colour to wear no matter the occasion. 

Black also pertains to professionalism, making it a primary colour worn in companies and businesses worldwide. 

Another common thing black represents is edginess and power. If you want to feel powerful and confident in who you are, black is often the perfect colour to bring that emotion out of you. 

Lastly, it also represents mystery and the unknown such as a new beginning.

Types of Personalities that Like the Colour Black

There's a reason black is one of the most common colours to be worn and seen everywhere. 

People like the colour black for several reasons like prestige and power. If someone wants to feel a sense of control, they wear black. People could also prefer the colour black to feel independent and bold - to appear like they have a sense of bravery and courage within them. Lastly, people prefer black given that it's the most sophisticated and classy colour that matches any other colour. 

Black is a popular colour to wear to any event - from corporate gatherings to dining parties - because it is simple yet refined.

What Black Flowers Mean


Yes, that's right - black flowers are actually a thing in the horticulture market. 

The most common assumption is that black flowers are only used for death and mourning, but that's just one of the meanings these elegant flowers give. While black flowers are seen in circumstances when a loved one died, and grief and loss are present, black flowers don't just represent negative emotions. 

Asides from this, black flowers can also pertain to new beginnings as the colour black represents explicitly mystery and the unknown. It can pertain that a positive change is about to happen in your life. 

They also represent elegance and glamour, which is why you can see them as decorative flowers in the classiest events. 

Furthermore, they give a sense of luxury and power that any other flower colour can't provide other than black.

Given that black flowers are rare to find in nature, they can also represent exclusivity in a committed relationship. It's as if you're telling that person that you're lucky to have found them and you want to commit to just them.

Is it Appropriate to Give Black Flowers to Someone?

If your recipient's favourite colour is black, why not? 

Black flowers are perfectly okay to give to someone, even if it is a unique gift. This is especially true if the person you're giving flowers to adores the colour black or is fond of black flowers. They're sophisticated, classy, and elegant to give to someone in your life. 

Not to mention black flowers are also perfect for funerals since black flowers are commonly known for occasions of loss and mourning. Black flowers can mean that you're trying to console someone after a significant loss, especially when you don't know what to say in words. 

While black flowers represent mystery and new beginnings, they're not suitable for grand openings for businesses or weddings

Then again, if you want to play it safe, you could go for our florists' bouquets with black wrapping instead of black flowers like these: 

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