Is Ranunculus Less Expensive than Roses? All About this Flower

| Wendy Han

Is Ranunculus Less Expensive than Roses? All About this Flower

A big debate is always raging over the question: roses or ranunculus? Roses are more traditional, but ranunculus is often thought to be much prettier. The flower meanings of both flowers also vary depending on who you ask - some say that a rose means love for example, but ranunculus too can make a stunning alternative to express romantic sentiments. If you're looking for a sweet gesture that fits your budget perfectly, continue reading to learn more about the ranunculus flower. 


Commonly known as buttercup, the scientific name for this flower, Ranunculus asiaticus, translates from Latin as "the little frog." This is because of its resemblance to the amphibian's body shape with its round bulbous head and long-stalked petals - and in some cultures, frogs are seen as symbols of luck.

Ranunculus stems are long and green with colourful flowers on top which bloom open to create a cluster of petals. This blooming plant has been cherished for centuries and it's easy to see why! Besides being one of the most beautiful flowers, these multi-petalled beauties also have a sweet smell that makes them perfect for any occasion. If you're looking for an abundant bouquet that will last throughout your special day, then this might just be what you need!

Ranunculuses themselves come in many shapes and sizes with different variations on colour; including shades of white, sunny yellow, wine reds to pastel pink. Placed in a vase with water, ranunculus flowers can often last up to 8 days when properly cared for. As mentioned, this beautiful plant is known to be an important part of fancy events such as weddings, thanks to its soft colour palette that can complement any design style or theme; even when they're not being put into event arrangements, their vibrant colours make them perfect plants for home decor.


Is Ranunculus Less Expensive than Roses? All About this Flower



Some say that the blossoms of these elegant flowers are so beautiful they can be seen as a symbol of love. And true enough, red ranunculus flowers represent romance and passion. As if to confirm this belief, it is also common knowledge that ranunculus makes excellent additions to many different kinds of bouquets and arrangements. Pink ranunculus, on the other hand, takes a softer approach by symbolising gentle feelings.

Or if you’re wanting to send positive vibes to a friend or family member, orange or yellow ranunculus will be your go-to flower to give that much-needed boost of energy. In addition, these bright colours represent hope and happiness - something we could all use more of in this time of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. These cheerful blooms will undoubtedly make a welcoming addition to decorate your office or home space.

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Occasions to Give Ranunculus

While flowers like roses, calla lilies, tulips, hydrangeas and peonies are highly coveted in wedding decor, you can also consider ranunculus flowers for your bouquet and floral decorations. These fairytale-like blooms are a great addition to any flower arrangement and can be used as either a filler or an accent. Ranunculus have such a rich meaning, they're often given as gifts to people who are going through hard times or celebrating joyous occasions in life. 

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