How to Choose Meaningful Funeral Wreaths for a Loved One

| Wendy Han

Losing a loved one is an emotional and challenging experience. During such times, finding ways to express condolences and provide comfort to the grieving family becomes essential. One thoughtful and meaningful way to do so is by choosing the right funeral wreath. Funeral wreaths are not just floral arrangements; they are a symbol of honour and remembrance, a gesture that acknowledges the significance of the life that has passed away.

At Floristique, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect funeral wreath to convey your condolences. That’s why we shed light on the significance of choosing the right funeral wreath and the factors to consider when making your selection.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Funeral Wreath

Selecting the right funeral wreath is a way to express your sympathy and offer support to the grieving family. Not only that, but it also conveys the following:

Love and Respect

A funeral wreath is a tangible expression of love and respect for the departed. It conveys your condolences in a way that words often cannot. The choice of the wreath and its design reflects the depth of your feelings and the significance of the relationship you shared with the person who has passed away.

Comfort and Solace

In times of loss, finding comfort and solace is essential for the bereaved. A thoughtfully chosen funeral wreath can provide a sense of warmth and support, letting the grieving family know that they are not alone in their sorrow. It offers a source of emotional relief during a challenging period.


A funeral wreath serves as a powerful symbol of sympathy. Its presence at the funeral service or wake conveys a message of support and solidarity. It tells the grieving family that you share in their sorrow and that you are there to provide solace during their darkest hours.

Factors to Consider for Condolence Wreath Selection

Choosing the right funeral wreath is a heartfelt and meaningful decision, as it allows you to convey your condolences and support to the grieving family in a profound way. To make an informed choice, it's essential to consider several factors that will help you select a funeral wreath that best represents your sentiments and honours the memory of the departed.

Flower Types and Their Meanings

Different flowers carry unique meanings and symbolism, making them a powerful way to express your feelings and pay tribute to the departed. When selecting flower types, consider the personality and preferences of the person who has passed away. Here are some common flower types and their associated meanings:

  • Roses:Rose flowers are classic symbols of love and respect. Their velvety petals and enchanting fragrance make them an ideal choice for conveying deep affection and admiration. Whether in white or red, roses offer a sense of love and reverence that beautifully honours the departed.
  • Lilies: Should you want floral wreaths that embody your loved one’s purity and innocence, then adding lilies would be a great choice. Their elegant and pristine blooms convey a sense of tranquillity and grace. Choosing lilies for a funeral wreath is a way to symbolise the purity of the departed's spirit and the innocence of their soul.
  • Chrysanthemums: Should you want to convey the resilience of the departed and the longevity of preserving their memory in your hearts, then you should consider chrysanthemums, also known as mums. These hardy flowers symbolise the strength and endurance of the departed. Including chrysanthemums in a wreath pays homage to the person's ability to overcome challenges and the lasting impact they have on others.
  • Carnations: For flowers that symbolise admiration and affection, carnations can be the main floral decoration for your wreath. Selecting carnations for a funeral wreath is a way to express your deep respect and affection for the departed.
  • Orchids: If you want flowers that commemorates the departed’s beauty and elegance, then we recommend adding orchids to the wreaths. Their exquisite blooms and graceful appearance represent the beauty of the departed's life journey. Orchids offer a sense of elegance and refinement in honouring their memory.

Color Choices

The colour of the flowers in the wreath carries its own symbolism and significance. When choosing the colour of the flowers, consider the personality and preferences of the departed, as well as the cultural and religious significance of certain colours. Here are some common colour choices and their meanings:

  • White: When choosing white flowers for your funeral wreath, you have flowers that embody purity, innocence, and reverence. This symbolises the purity of the departed's spirit and their peaceful transition to the next life. Moreover, white flowers convey a sense of serenity and grace.
  • Red: Bold, red flowers show love, courage, and respect. It represents the deep love and respect you hold for the departed and the courage they displayed throughout their life's journey.
  • Pink: If you go for pink funeral flowers, it conveys admiration, gratitude, and affection. These flowers express your admiration for the person and your gratitude for the time and memories you shared together.
  • Yellow: Bright yellow flowers represent friendship, happiness, and positivity. Though it’s not a common flower seen in funerals, yellow blooms symbolise the joy and positivity that the departed brought into the lives of those around them.
  • Purple: For purple flowers, it signifies dignity, honour, and admiration. These blooms show the dignity with which the person lived their life and the honour they received from those who knew them.

Wreath Design

Funeral flower wreaths come in various designs, each with its own symbolism and aesthetic appeal. The choice of wreath design can add a layer of meaning to your tribute. Here are some common wreath designs and what they symbolise:

  • Circular Wreaths: Circular wreaths represent eternity and the unending cycle of life. They symbolise the idea that life continues even after death, offering a sense of comfort and continuity to the bereaved. These wreaths are versatile and can be used in various funeral settings.
  • Cross-Shaped Wreaths: Cross-shaped wreaths are often used in religious ceremonies and symbolise faith and redemption. They provide a strong spiritual connection and offer comfort to those who share the departed's faith.
  • Heart-Shaped Wreaths: Heart-shaped wreaths convey love and affection. They are a heartfelt way to express your love for the departed and your sympathy for the grieving family. Heart-shaped wreaths offer a touching tribute to a life filled with love and meaningful relationships.
  • Standing Wreaths: Standing wreaths are larger arrangements that can be displayed prominently at the funeral service. They often feature a combination of flowers and greenery, creating a lush and impactful tribute. Standing wreaths make a bold statement of love and respect for the departed.

Personalised Touches to Make the Funeral Wreath More Meaningful

While selecting the right flower types, colours, and wreath design is essential in creating a heartfelt tribute, adding personalised touches to the funeral wreath can further enhance its significance. These thoughtful additions allow you to create a truly unique and deeply meaningful tribute to the departed.

Include a Personal Note

One of the most touching ways to personalise a funeral wreath is by attaching a personal note or message. Your words can provide solace and comfort to the grieving family during their difficult time. When crafting your message, consider sharing your fondest memories of the departed, expressing your deepest condolences, and offering words of support. This heartfelt note becomes a lasting part of the wreath, carrying your sentiments and love to the memorial service.

Choose Flowers with Personal Significance

Another meaningful way to personalise a funeral wreath is by selecting flowers that hold personal meaning for the departed or represent their favourite colours. Each flower carries its own symbolism, and choosing blooms that resonate with the person can add a deeper layer of sentiment to the wreath. For example, if the departed had a fondness for a specific flower or colour, incorporating these elements into the wreath pays a beautiful tribute to their unique personality and preferences. It becomes a visual representation of the joy and beauty they find in these specific flowers or shades.

Incorporate Custom Decorations

Custom decorations, such as ribbons, photos, or small mementoes, can be added to the wreath to make it a unique and personalised tribute. These custom elements can tell a story about the departed's life, interests, and passions. For instance, attaching ribbons in colours associated with their favourite sports team, hobby, or cause can convey a sense of their personality and values. Including small photos or mementoes that hold sentimental value can provide a deeper connection between the wreath and the memories of the departed. These personalised decorations become a visual representation of the individuality of the person being honoured and create a more intimate and heartfelt tribute.

Floristique's Range of Funeral Wreaths for Heartfelt Condolences

At Floristique, we understand the importance of choosing the right funeral wreath to express your condolences. Our range of funeral wreaths is designed to offer convenience and heartfelt support during difficult times. You can find a variety of options to ensure that your tribute is a meaningful reflection of your sentiments and the life of the departed.

Our 24-hour florist is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect funeral wreath for your loved one. We are committed to providing seamless and respectful service, delivering your wreath with care and professionalism. Let Floristique be your partner in expressing thoughtful condolences and offering solace to those in mourning.

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