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Tips for Selecting Sympathy Flowers

| Wendy Han

Losing a loved one is one of life's most profound and challenging moments. During these times of grief, offering sympathy and support through the language of flowers can provide a profound sense of comfort and solace. In the gentle embrace of blossoms, we find a profound connection that transcends words, providing a soothing balm to the aching hearts of those in sorrow. Sending sympathy flowers is a timeless gesture that speaks volumes of compassion and empathy, offering a tangible reminder that love and care surround them during these difficult times. 

However, different flowers have different meanings, and selecting the right type becomes paramount in ensuring you express your heartfelt condolences as you intended. But how do you know what makes your chosen flower the right blooms for the heavy occasion?

How to Choose the Right Sympathy Flowers

Selecting the right sympathy flowers is a delicate and thoughtful process, as each bloom chosen can convey emotions and offer comfort during times of loss. To ensure your gesture of condolences is expressed with care and sincerity, you can follow these steps to select the perfect sympathy flowers:

1. Consider the Relationship with the Deceased

First and foremost, consider your relationship with the deceased and the grieving family. Different flowers may hold varying meanings and significance based on cultural and personal beliefs. Reflect on the personality and preferences of the departed, as well as the customs of their family, to choose sympathy flowers that best represent your relationship and the emotions you wish to convey.

2. Understand Flower Meanings

Familiarise yourself with the meanings behind different flowers to align your choice with the sentiments you want to express. For instance, lilies symbolise purity and peace, while roses represent eternal love and devotion. By choosing flowers with meaningful symbolism, your sympathy bouquet will carry a more profound significance, conveying your emotions with heartfelt eloquence.

3. Select Appropriate Flower Colours

Consider the colour of the flower, as each hue carries its unique symbolism. White flowers, like lilies or carnations, often represent purity and innocence, making them popular for sympathy arrangements. Selecting appropriate funeral flower colours adds depth to your gesture, allowing you to express emotions subtly and gracefully.

4. Choose the Right Sympathy Flower Arrangement

The type of funeral flower arrangement also plays a crucial role in expressing your condolences. Flower baskets exude sentimental love and comfort, while wreaths represent eternal life and remembrance. Floor bouquets and standing sprays offer grand displays of support during memorial services. Consider the setting and purpose of your sympathy flowers to select the most fitting arrangement that best represents your sentiments.

The Meanings and Symbolism Behind Common Sympathy Flowers

To help you understand the unique meaning each bloom carries, here are some of the popular funeral flowers and their symbolism.


Among the most timeless choices for sympathy flowers, lily flowers hold deep symbolism, representing purity, renewal, and the restored innocence of the departed soul. White calla lilies, in particular, are often associated with peace and transcendence, making them a meaningful choice to express condolences and offer solace to grieving families at a funeral. 


With their classic symbolism of love, roses hold a significant place in expressing eternal love and devotion to the departed soul. White is a customary colour frequently selected for funeral flowers, and in the case of white roses, they represent purity, innocence, honour, and peace.

If the deceased individual was an esteemed elder in your community, buying white rose bouquets can be a fitting and respectful choice to bring to the memorial service or to lay before the grave. Besides this, a funeral wreath or flower stand is another elegant way of honouring the memory of your loved ones and reminding the grieving family of the everlasting bond shared with the departed.


Chrysanthemums hold a distinctive association with funerals and grief in many cultures, symbolising deep grief and sorrow. Selecting chrysanthemums for your condolences is a heartfelt way to pay homage to the departed, acknowledging their impact on your life and the lives of others.

By adding chrysanthemums to your floral tribute, you demonstrate a sincere display of respect and understanding for the grieving family's emotions during their time of loss. When choosing the right flower colour, white is often the safest, but yellow chrysanthemums are also used for Chinese funerals.


With their understated elegance, carnations frequently grace the funeral floral setups to express sympathy for the dearly departed. Like other flowers, each colour of carnations carries its own distinct meaning. But among them, pink and white are more popular, as pink represents remembrance while white carnations signify deep sorrow. Pink carnations, in particular, could be a thoughtful choice if you are attending a Catholic or Christian funeral, as they are believed to have originated from the tears shed by the Virgin Mary.


During a funeral, gifting an orchid symbolise your eternal love for the departed. Regardless of their colour, these flowers universally convey the sentiment of "I love you now and always”. By extending your support with an orchid sympathy flower arrangement, you can remind the grieving family that they are not alone in their healing journey and convey your love for the departed. When picking the colour of an orchid, white is generally preferred as it represents a genuine expression of heartfelt sympathy.

The Significance of Sympathy Flower Arrangements

Beyond determining the right type of blooms to express your sympathy during this challenging time, the type of arrangement can be another factor to consider, and here are some common styles of sympathy flowers. 

Flower Baskets

Flower baskets are containers designed to hold your flower arrangements and can be brought to the deceased's home or the funeral parlour for the service. These funeral baskets are a great option for sending floral arrangements as they provide ample support for the flowers and can be arranged in different shapes and sizes.


You may also opt for flower wreaths, hearts, or crosses to be placed on the coffin, around the base of the bier or coffin stand, or easels beside the coffin or at the graveside. The funeral wreath, symbolising everlasting life, is traditionally associated with remembrance due to its circular shape. Crosses and hearts, on the other hand, carry evident religious and emotional significance.

Floor Bouquets

Flower bouquets are grand arrangements designed to express profound emotions and comfort those grieving. These carefully crafted displays feature a blend of sympathy flowers chosen for their meanings and their ability to bring solace during difficult times. Placed on the floor, they become a focal point at memorial services, radiating beauty and compassion throughout the room. 

Standing Sprays

Standing sprays represent a formal and traditional type of funeral floral tribute. Typically, they are positioned next to the coffin in the church or by the graveside. These flower arrangements are designed to be viewed from the front and are commonly displayed on an easel for added height and stability. They are also versatile and can be placed at various locations, representing love and encouragement.

Like funeral bouquets, flower stands serve as a customary means to convey compassion and condolences to the grieving family. Sending funeral flower stands is appropriate when you have a personal or professional connection with the deceased.

Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are a touching and final tribute to the departed, adorning the casket with beautiful blooms and greenery. These elegant flower arrangements serve as a dignified farewell, expressing love and respect for the deceased. They are typically crafted by the deceased's family members or close friends.

These beautiful arrangements adorn the coffin, evoking a sense of tranquillity, serenity, and elegance. It's a poignant way to pay homage to the departed. Depending on the casket's style and dimensions, the funeral flowers can be arranged in either fully open or partially opened designs.

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