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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Vase for Your Flowers

| Wendy Han

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and exquisite things you can look at. 

Having them as decorations at home or the office can make your living space feel much more alive and comfortable. 

But no floral décor is complete without an elegant yet utilitarian vase. And yet, so many individuals make the mistake of choosing a vase that does not support the flowers and causes the stems to go limp or simply overwhelms them. 

So how should you go about choosing a vase that supports and complements your flowers? Read on for our guide now.

Choosing the Right Height

How high should the vase be?

The general rule of thumb from our florists is that the actual length of the flower stems shouldn't be a maximum of twice the height of the vase. For instance, you're planning to buy a long-stemmed rose that has a stem of 20 inches, then your vase should be 10 to 13 inches approximately. 

You may think that the height doesn't matter as long as it fits but having a vase that's too short won't make your flowers stand out in the room. Similarly, a vase that's too high will hide majority of the flowers' stem.

Settling on a Vase Design

One of the key things you have to look out for when choosing a vase is whether or not its design matches your interior décor and whether it will pull the focus away from the flowers. 

For it to perfectly blend with your home, it has to match your interior ambiance. If your walls are purely white, you can't expect that a black vase will blend in with your interior decor. Colour schemes must be taken into consideration and you'll need to choose the perfect vase that matches your home.

Find a vase which complements the flowers. For instance, if you are looking for a vase to hold your sunflowers, go with transparent glass ones and avoid intricate designs as they could interfere with the appearance of the flowers.

Selecting a Shape

Selecting a Shape

Vase shapes differ from narrow to wide ones, from tall to round ones. However, choosing the right vase shape is crucial if you want your flowers to last longer. 

For instance, if you choose a flower vase with a wide opening, there might not be enough support to hold the flower stems. 

It's instances like these that make the vase shape crucial. In the following section, we'll be listing some varieties of vases below.

Column Vase

This is one of the most common types of vases, specifically complementing flowers such as sunflowers and lilies. These vases are tall and slender, which is why they complement tall flowers.  

Column vases make excellent ornaments for any minimalist interior design. They are also great for offices and home workspaces. 

Hourglass Vase

This is the perfect case for shorter-stemmed flowers with large heads such as roses and hydrangeas. Since it's an hourglass figure, you can expect a wide bottom and top, while being narrow in the middle. This is perfect if you want to really shape your flowers perfectly.

If your interior design screams pop art, then hourglass vases will definitely give your living space a touch of personality. 

Round Vase

Otherwise known as a fish-bowl vase, it's not to be used for all flowers, but they are great for gerberas or roses. However, you have to cut the stems if they're too tall for this vase.

Small round vases are great as desk ornaments at the working and living space. 

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