5 Ways to Cheer Up a Sick Friend

| Wendy Han

With COVID-19 still firmly established in our societies, many of us will personally know people who have become ill. Sickness can be a difficult experience; without the purpose that comes from working, family life and social commitments, many people can feel aimless and down. Having supportive friends, whether one’s dealing with a loss or just needs some cheering up, is essential to recovering both mentally and physically. We’ve got some top tips on how to make your sick friends feel better.


What can you do to make your friend feel better? 

1. Give them a call  

Human contact is essential for everyone. When people become sick, often they will isolate themselves and spend a lot of time alone. Try giving your sick friend a call to cheer them up. This could be a long, deep conversation at the end of the day, or a quick chat during your lunch break to help them get through the day. Hearing another person’s voice is soothing and will remind your friend that although you’re not with them in person, you are there to support them emotionally.


2. Help them out with errands

Just because you’re sick, doesn’t mean life stops happening. There are still many responsibilities like getting children to school, washing dishes, doing the laundry, sending letters and cooking dinner. Offer to do some of these chores for your friend. This could include making packed lunches for school children, taking a load of laundry for them or picking up things they need. By performing errands for your friend, you minimise the stress they feel about day-to-day responsibilities. As a bonus, it means these things don’t pile up for them to deal with once they’re better. Ask your sick friend if there are any errands you can do to help them.


3. Deliver a home-cooked meal

Cooking after a big day is hard, but cooking when you’re sick feels nearly impossible. Sourcing ingredients, finding the energy to cook and the appetite to eat food becomes an insurmountable challenge. You can help your friend recover quickly by delivering home-cooked meals that they only need to put in the oven or on the stove to heat up. Go the extra mile and cook up dishes that are comforting and healing like bone broth and chicken soup. This way your friend will conserve their energy and receive the nutrients they need to fully recover.


4. Send them a care package

A care package isn’t essential to your friend’s recovery, but it can make them feel cared for and looked after. Choose a care package with things they like and can use to look after themselves. Hampers with fresh fruit, chocolates and other comforting items are perfect to help your friend look after themselves and feel better. Get one delivered to your friend’s residence to minimise stress on your end.


5. Send them flowers 

A classic pick me up for anyone feeling unwell, flowers are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are they a lovely gesture, but can brighten up a room and improve your friend’s disposition. Choose flowers that are low-maintenance and have less pollen to ensure your friend doesn’t spend extra energy fighting off allergies in addition to their illness. Get-well-soon bouquets are perfect to cheer up your friend and show them that you care.


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