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What Are the Most Popular Birthday Flowers Worldwide?

| Wendy Han

Choosing the right birthday flowers is more than a thoughtful gesture; it's a tradition that transcends cultures and generations. In this blog, we'll explore the popular choices for birthday flowers worldwide and provide you with actionable tips to select the perfect bloom for your loved ones. 

At Floristique, we're here to assist you in making informed decisions for your flower gifts, ensuring that every birthday celebration is both memorable and meaningful.

The Tradition of Gifting Flowers on Birthdays

Before diving into the list of popular birthday flowers, it's essential to understand the deep-rooted tradition of gifting flowers on birthdays. This practice is not just a modern trend but a custom that has been cherished through centuries across various cultures.

Historical Background

Gifting flowers on birthdays is a tradition deeply rooted in history. Over the centuries, this practice has been a universal method to convey affection and admiration:

  • Ancient Civilisations: Many ancient cultures used flowers as a means to celebrate special occasions, including birthdays. The Egyptians, for instance, were known to adorn parties with various blooms.
  • Middle Ages: During this period, flowers were gifted as tokens of good luck and prosperity on birthdays.
  • Victorian Era: People in this era took the art of gifting flowers to a new level. Each flower started holding a unique meaning, and giving the right type of flower on a birthday conveyed specific sentiments.

Modern-Day Practices

In recent times, the trend of gifting flowers on birthdays has evolved to become more personalised and thoughtful:

  • Personal Preferences: Nowadays, people pay attention to the preferences of the person they are gifting the flowers to. Floristique offers a diverse range of the most popular birthday flowers to cater to varied tastes.
  • Online Shopping: The advent of online shopping has made it easier to select and send fresh flowers. Customers can browse through a vast collection and choose the perfect birthday bouquet with ease.
  • Combination Gifts: Many opt to complement flowers with other gifts, like chocolates or stuffed toys, making the gesture even more special.
  • Customised Messages: Adding a personal note with the bouquet to convey heartfelt wishes is a common practice now.

Factors Influencing the Popularity of Birthday Flowers

Choosing the ideal flowers for a birthday gift isn't just about personal preferences; several factors influence the trend of what makes up the best birthday flowers globally. Let’s delve into the prominent influences that guide individuals in selecting the most popular birthday flowers for their loved ones.

Seasonal Availability

One of the main factors that influence the popularity of various birthday flowers is their seasonal availability. Understanding this can help you select fresh and vibrant flowers for birthday celebrations:

  • Seasonal Blooms: Different flowers bloom in different seasons. For instance, tulips are generally available during spring, while chrysanthemums flourish in the autumn.
  • Geographical Variations: Different regions have varying seasonal availabilities, influencing the choice of flowers. For example, tropical regions have a different range of flowers available compared to temperate regions.
  • Floristique's Expertise: Our team at Floristique is well-acquainted with seasonal variations and ensures a range of fresh flowers are available year-round, catering to the diverse floral preferences in Singapore.

Cultural Significance

The cultural significance of flowers plays a vital role in their popularity, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect birthday bouquet:

  • Symbolic Meanings: Various cultures attribute different meanings to flowers. For instance, lotuses hold a significant place in Asian cultures, symbolising purity and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Festivities and Traditions: In several cultures, specific flowers are preferred during certain festivals, which also influences their choice of birthday flowers.
  • Integration into Modern Celebrations: Nowadays, people integrate these cultural significances when selecting flowers, blending tradition with modern preferences.

Personal Preferences and Trends

Lastly, the evolving personal preferences and contemporary trends significantly influence the popularity of birthday flowers:

  • Trendy Florals: Each year, certain flowers become trendy due to various influences like fashion and lifestyle magazines or social media platforms. Floristique keeps abreast of these trends, offering a curated selection of the latest and most popular birthday flowers.
  • Personalised Choices: Nowadays, individuals prefer customised options that mirror their personality and taste. Many opt for flowers that resonate with the recipient’s personal style, making the gift more special.
  • Creative Presentation: People are increasingly looking for creative ways to present flowers, including diverse arrangements and unique packaging options, adding a touch of personalisation to the gifts.

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The Most Popular Birthday Flowers Worldwide

Celebrating birthdays with flowers is a tradition cherished by many. In this section, we explore the characteristics that make certain flowers a popular international choice for birthday celebrations, especially when looking to convey heartfelt messages through beautiful blooms.


Roses are a classic choice, often associated with expressions of love and admiration. Here, we uncover why they have perennially been a go-to option for birthday bouquets.

  • Symbol of Love: Often chosen to convey deep affection and love, making them a heartwarming choice for birthday celebrations.
  • Availability: Roses are readily available in various floral shops, allowing for a convenient and versatile choice for a birthday bouquet.


Tulips, known for their vibrant and fresh appearance, have become a modern favourite. 

  • Symbol of Renewal: Representing new beginnings and fresh starts, aligning perfectly with the celebratory essence of birthdays.
  • Versatile Choice: Their versatility in arrangements makes them a popular choice, whether in mixed arrangements or as a standalone bouquet.


The graceful lilies have always been a representation of purity and grace. 

  • Symbol of Purity: Often chosen for their symbolism of purity and grace, making them a thoughtful gift for birthdays.
  • Popular Choice: Their striking appearance and the aura of positivity they bring have contributed to their popularity in various celebrations.


With their lush and voluminous blooms, peonies have become a beloved choice for birthdays.

  • Symbol of Prosperity: Often associated with prosperity and good fortune, making them a favourable choice for birthday gifts.
  • Lush Appearance: Their full, lush blooms give any bouquet a luxurious look, bringing a touch of opulence to the celebration.


Bright and cheery sunflowers are known to bring a sense of joy and brightness to any occasion. 

  • Symbol of Positivity: Embodying positivity and happiness, sunflowers are a radiant choice for brightening up birthday celebrations.
  • Popular Choice: Their vibrant hues and large blooms bring a sense of joy and vibrancy to birthday bouquets.

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Birthday Flowers

Selecting the perfect set of birthday flowers is an art, merging the recipient's preferences, the season's best offerings, and your personal touch into one delightful package. Here, we guide you through some stellar tips that can help you craft a meaningful and enchanting birthday gift.

Considering the Preferences of the Recipient

The first step towards selecting the perfect birthday flowers is to consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient. Here's how you can do it:

  • Research Their Favourites: Try to find out the recipient's favourite flowers or colours. It will make your gift more thoughtful.
  • Allergies or Sensitivities: Be sure to consider if the recipient has any allergies or sensitivities to particular flowers.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is key to ensuring the availability and the perfect timing of your flower gift. Here are some strategies:

  • Advance Booking: Consider booking your birthday flower box or bouquet in advance to avoid last-minute rushes and disappointments.
  • Setting a Reminder: To ensure that you do not forget the important date, set a reminder a few weeks in advance to start preparing for the flower gift.
  • Customised Orders: For a truly special gift, customise your order well in advance, allowing florists time to source the perfect blooms.

Presentation and Delivery

The presentation of your gift can leave a lasting impression. Here are some tips to enhance the presentation and delivery of your flower gift:

  • Elegant Wrapping: Choose an elegant wrapping that complements the flowers and adds a touch of sophistication to your gift.
  • Timely Delivery: Opt for a timely delivery service to ensure that the flowers reach the recipient fresh and at the perfect moment.
  • Personal Delivery: If possible, deliver the flowers personally to add a warm, personal touch to the gesture.

Considering the Venue and Occasion

Matching your flower selection to the venue or the nature of the birthday celebration can add a thoughtful touch to your gift. Here are a few pointers:

  • Home Celebrations: For intimate home celebrations, opt for blooms that can serve as a beautiful centrepiece, enhancing the homely ambience.
  • Outdoor Parties: For birthdays celebrated outdoors, consider choosing vibrant and robust flowers that can withstand the elements.
  • Themed Parties: If the party has a specific theme, tailor your flower selection to match it, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

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