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Geylang: Food Haven, Culture And Shop Everlasting Flowers

When you get hunger pangs, the best place to raid for food is Geylang. From exotic foods like frog leg porridge and herbal turtle soup served at traditional food stalls, to local delights like Char Kway Teow and Lor Mee at Old Airport Road.

If you’re in the mood for food other than local cuisine, you’ll find hidden little-known hidden cafes at Geylang to fix your brunch cravings and gain some fancy weekend downtime.

For a trip down the heritage lane of local culture, Geylang has brightly painted shophouses that are one of only a few rare conservation areas in Singapore. 

As exotic and preserved as the food and culture are in Geylang, dried flowers are also exquisite gems that can stand the test of time. Shop our dried blooms today and let our everlasting dried flowers be a part of your cherished memories. Our florist offers free same-day delivery islandwide, including to your residence in Geylang.

The Exotic Flair Of Dried Flowers 

Naturally dried flowers like Baby’s Breath, Cotton flowers and Pampas Grass gives your bouquet an extra oomph of rustic beauty. Its wispiness flaunts a whimsical flair that makes dried flowers so unique and signature. Plus they serve as a perfect stark contrast against the lush, fresh greenery of Singapore. 

Dried flowers are increasingly popular as gifts or even to use as a wedding hand bouquet on your special day. Leverage our florist’s expertise in picking and arranging these exotic blooms, and hold the most unique bouquet of dried flowers in Geylang.

Showdown Between Dried Flowers And Freshly-Picked Flowers


Dried flowers have the impressive power to last longer than any fresh flowers. Hold on to them or let their lasting beauty spruce up your living space for periods even up to a year. Because they endure time so well and cost next to nothing to maintain or care for, dried blooms have an exceptional value worth every penny you pay for.

If you’re planning to purchase dried flowers for your home in Geylang, and are wondering how easy they are to care for, our shop’s florists prepared this Ultimate Guide to Care for Dried Flowers for everything you need to know, and tips and tricks you can check out.


The dehydration process accentuates the scent of flowers like Roses, leaving a natural fragrant perfume wherever you place them.


Press and use dried flowers as unique crafting elements. All you need is a little liquid UV resin to create unique handphone covers or even hand-make attractive fine jewellery with real flowers encased inside.

Itching to get started? Shop with us for the newest designs of dried flower bouquets today!

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