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City Hall: Wedding Flowers, Shop Or Travel Back In Time

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The beating heart of Singapore, City Hall is the gooey warm centre of rich local history and culture. You might know it as the destination for mall shops and all social activities today, but it also played an iconic part of Singapore as far back as the colonial period. By looking at City Hall’s map, you’ll see monumental national landmarks like the Municipal Building where politics used to be discussed, and the famed Padang where large-scale National Day Parades were held. When you visit City Hall, you’ll find local heritage perfectly embedded and preserved in the surrounding architecture. Singapore’s history is also captured in the nearby National Gallery for generations of today to learn.

Bridal flowers and church bells ringing are common in City Hall because it’s also well-known as the ideal destination for weddings. Not only does it have a prime location in the city, but also because of the picturesque, grand St. Andrews Cathedral.

Shop Flowers, Tell Your Love Story At Your City Hall Wedding

If you’re holding your wedding at the cathedral in City Hall, find a florist that is familiar in using your bouquet to accentuate the idyllic white venue and its architecture into a dream wedding is crucial. Tie the knot and formalize your vows surrounded by fantastical flowers for the most memorable memories and photos. Your guests are sure to talk about your wedding occasion for years to come.

Actual Day

A simple bridal bouquet might not seem like much, but they are the soul and centrepiece of your wedding. Our florists have the expertise to liven every detail of your City Hall wedding when you shop with us. Invite nature in with beautiful themed flowers, and holistically bring all the subtle elements that you love about your wedding at City Hall together. 

Make your hand bouquet even more unique with custom-picked flowers to represent your love for one another, as you enter your everlasting promise to each other together.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Capture Singapore's unique heritage in the historical architecture of City Hall. If you've identified this location for a classically unique pre-wedding shoot, you chose right. This area offers a timeless background that's uncharacteristic of most modern buildings in Singapore, so your photos are sure to stand out. 

If you’re looking to capture a casual, candid shot, select a flower bag from our online shop. It's budget-friendly, easy to carry, and not over-the-top. With this,  it focuses the shoot on the both of you, but still adequately adds to the photo in the most subtle way. Plus, you'll capture the most natural angles of your relationship, as if you're both out on a carefree date.

Or if you prefer to have a stylish and extravagant wedding shoot, go for a full bouquet. Get in touch with our florist for a spectacular photo shoot at City Hall, and keep precious memories that last forever.

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