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Tiong Bahru Florist

Tiong Bahru houses one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore and exudes old-school charm despite the many “hipster” cafes and restaurants that started popping up several years ago. The place is never short on bakeries, with big names like Tiong Bahru Bakery and Plain Vanilla being the two out of many bakery-cafes that stand out in the area. With its quaint heartland setting and being not too out of town that it makes the place inaccessible, Tiong Bahru is the perfect place for an online florist like Floristique to provide its flower delivery service to. 


If you are thinking of making a date-day out of Tiong Bahru, start with lunch at Marci Marcel, which serves brunch and main course. Its bright, airy and Instagram-worthy al-fresco seating is a plus point. In the off chance that your date is into that gluten-free diet, The Butcher’s Wife provides you with the option of pasta and pizza without the worry of putting on extra pounds, which only means more room for dessert! 


Make your way to quality coffee at the famous Tiong Bahru Café, or Forty Hands, the OG (slang for authentic) coffee place before the onslaught of trendy cafes that arrived in the district. These cafes also offer some pastry or light brunch food if you cannot be bothered to café-hop and prefer to have your coffee along with your lunch. 


For the grand finale, surprise your date with a specially planned flower bouquet delivery straight to Tiong Bahru, smiles or even a second date guaranteed! With Floristique operating fully online, you can plan for your date in advance by placing your order and scheduling a flower delivery online. If you prefer to go with the flow, you can opt for same-day flower delivery service to Tiong Bahru by placing your order before 2pm.

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