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Flower Stands

Eye-catching Flower Stands Available for Delivery in Singapore


jumbo bouquet might be a pleasant congratulatory gift to a business partner who has just opened a new business outlet. But if you really want to show your hearty congratulations, you might want to look to flower stands instead.

What's so great about flower stands? In Singapore, it's hard not to show up to a launch party or grand opening celebration without some ornamental flower stands to spruce up the party venue. They effortlessly bring life and colour to any living space.

In addition, flower stands are also appropriate for other multiple occasions from anniversary dinners, gala events and more.

If you are looking for a platform to order and deliver attractive flower stands, Floristique is the top online florist to do so. We have an extensive catalogue of flower stands and more. 


How to Choose the Right Flower Stand for the Occasion

Even though delivering flowers does help you express your care and thoughts, it is also important to be mindful about the types of flowers you are sending. 

Here's a quick guide:

Go for loud colours like red, pink and orange if you are sending a flower stand to congratulate someone. Bright colours effortlessly lift one's mood and bring joy 

If you want to send condolences flowers, try to opt for colours that are more neutral like white and light pink. 

Consider adding a handwritten note to better express your thoughts. Your recipient will be so grateful for it! 


Freshly Picked Floral Gifts and Products

At Floristique, all stocks are freshly sourced from our reliable suppliers for the most eye-catching colours and pleasing fragrances. We are all about giving our customers the most pleasant flower stands possible. Enjoy fuss-free delivery to your doorstep in Singapore when you order on our website today. 

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