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Floristique vs Windflower Florist - Your Go-To Floral Review

There is no denying that the freshest blooms are quite possibly the most beautiful things on earth. Tapping into the demand for something unique and the freshness that flowers have to offer, several florist shops have cropped up throughout Singapore. However, with large-scale lockdowns, mandatory restrictions, and busy schedules, taking the time to head down to these stores can be a challenge. That is until Floristique entered the market to disrupt the game.

Giving You Unique Creations at Affordable Prices

Having established itself in 2017, Floristique has been a trailblazer in the floral e-commerce sector. Gone are the days where customers will have to visit brick-and-mortar stores to reserve bouquets for special occasions. With a click of a button, exotic bouquets at wholesome prices can be attained. From personalisation down to the care taken in delivery processes, every challenging need and expectation of customers are easily met. Hop online, cart out, and receive – what else could you need?

Unbiased Review – We Promise!

As more floral shops have followed suit, the list of online floral shops has been growing by the day, making it tricky to narrow in on the best one – talk about choice overload. But fret not if you’re in a state of decision-paralysis. Below, we review the offerings of Floristique and Windflower Florist, and how they fare against each other.


A Breakdown of Floral Offerings

Besides flowers, what more can an online flower boutique in Singapore offer, right? Both Floristique and Windflower Florist boasts a similar range of products including bouquets, flower boxes, hampers and more. Hence, it’s unlikely you’ll be short on choices when surfing either site. We’ve segmented some of the main offerings so you can easily determine which florist better suits your needs.

Array of Florals

Floristique and Windflower Florist both feature multiple types of flowers. From standard roses to cheery sunflowers, they have them all. But with a collection of unique florals that aren’t as common, Floristique takes the cake here. With flowers such as Peony, Eustoma, and Ranunculus, and Matthiola, Floristique makes seasonal flowers available to all in Singapore. Beyond that, Floristique has its Bag and Bouquet series which start at prices as low as $30.00!

Options for Specific Occasions

Proposing to your significant other? Perhaps you’re attending a friend’s graduation ceremony? Whatever the occasion may be, there is surely a bouquet or floral stand to pair. While Windflower Florist has bouquets designed to show appreciation under its “Thank You” selection, we have other distinct variants catered towards scenarios such as “Grand Opening”, “New Born”, and “Sorry”. Not sure if these collections are ideal for the event you’re attending? Floristique offers customisation services too! Just share photos of a certain bouquet or arrangement that has caught your eye, and we’ll replicate it for you to the best of our ability!


In terms of variety, both floral shops do not differ drastically. Gourmet hampers and Wellness hampers are common options listed in both boutiques. One differing factor will have to be price points – for example, Baby Hampers at Floristique start at $49.00, while the cheapest at Windflower Florist stands at $55.00.

Other Perks

If you look beyond the floral options, there are several perks of joining the Bloom Rewards programme under Windflower Florist. By creating an account with them, you can shop, earn points, and redeem them for discount coupons – a perk that makes sense for those who are always gifting loved ones with flowers. Wildflower Florist also has a curated list of Bundles like Cake and Cookie Bundles that start from $80.00 and must be ordered 4 days in advance.

And before we forget, Floristique has recently opened a new office that runs 24/7 so that you can have your queries reverted to instantly! With 24-hour express flower delivery in Singapore, even your most last-minute request will be catered to!


Floristique vs Windflower Florist: Which to Choose?

Both online florists offer an incredible array of flower options and services. Ultimately, the best pick boils down to your unique needs. But our affordable price points, highly personalised services, and top-notch quality remain unrivalled if we do say so ourselves.


Frequently Asked Questions About Floristique and Windflower Florist

What Add-Ons do Floristique and Windflower Florist Offer?

Both Floristique and Windflower Florist offer plenty of add-ons on their website such as personal messages. While Windflower Florist’s add-ons focus on elevating the visual appeal of its bouquet with confetti balloons, soy candles, and champagnes, Floristique takes this up a notch with not only extras like fairy lights, but also ones that ensure longevity – think chrysal flower food and vases.

Does Floristique and Windflower Florist Offer Free Delivery?

Yes! Both offer free island-wide standard delivery, excluding hospitals and medical centres (until further notice). Do note that there are specific cut-off timings for orders that require same-day delivery. Self-collection can also be opted for with no extra charge.

Can I customise my bouquet with Floristique and Windflower Florist?

We’re not too sure about the level of customisation available for Windflower Florist’s fixed collections. They do, however, offer specific services for corporate clients looking to embark on their floral journey. Floristique, on the other hand, allows customers to customise everything from the wrapper, the flowers, even the ribbons to complement a theme.

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