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Floristique vs Petite Fleur - A Must-Read Review

What can be better than a stunning bouquet of flowers? Whether it's for your significant other or just to brighten up your day, there is something so personal about deciding on the bouquet design and gifting fresh-cut blooms. Flowers are one of the most popular ways to show someone that they're special and appreciated, regardless of whether it's in person or sending them via doorstep delivery. Especially with the increased convenience of e-commerce flower shops like Floristique, it is now easier than ever to shop for flower bouquets with unique add-ons in Singapore.

Shop Personalised Bouquets at Wholesome Prices

Since 2017, Floristique has made a name for itself in Singapore, bringing to you unique and artfully crafted flower arrangements at affordable prices. Simply place your order from the comfort of your home and leave the rest to Floristique. Rest assured that your order is in the capable hands of their dedicated team that will deliver both pre-planned and last-minute flower bouquets on time. The best part is, the quality is consistent in every Floristique bouquet and will stay fresh upon arrival to impress your loved one.

Unbiased Review - We Promise!

Understandably, there is a lot to consider when choosing the best flower delivery service for your needs. How much do you want to spend? What kind of flowers will you be sending? We review popular online flower shops – Floristique and Petite Fleur – to help you find the best picks to match the occasion.


Breaking Down Their Differences in This Review

For starters, Floristique and Petite Fleur offer a wide range of flowers including favourites like baby’s breath, calla lilies, eustomas, hydrangeas, peonies, roses and tulips. At a glance, you are definitely not short of choices when it comes to finding something that can instantly surprise your giftee. Here are more key aspects of their main offerings worth noting:

Bouquets for Every Budget

On both sites, you can easily filter your search by flower type, occasion and price range that will direct you to your preferred bouquets. If you’re looking for wallet-friendly options, you can discover their $30 bag series and still shop for something thoughtful. As far as we’ve looked, Petite Fleur’s flower bouquets start from $38.00.

Additionally, you can explore flowers unique with the season via Petite Fleur. Floristique’s catalogue, on the other hand, is not limited to stock seasonal flowers so you can always get your favourite arrangement at any point in time.

Extra Touches to Personalise Your Gift

In terms of customisation, you may select your desired flower colour palette, bouquet size and card message with Petite Fleur. Floristique makes gifting flowers feel more special with add-ons like fairy lights, chocolates and hampers on top of choosing your greeting message and size of bouquet.

Apart from flower bouquets, Floristique and Petite Fleur also carry dried flowers and balloons with flower sets if you’re looking for something memorable.

Need Last-Minute Gifts?

When you're running out of time to order flowers for your special someone, both online flower shops are able to fulfill same-day delivery options. Do note that Petite Fleur requires at least 4 hours to get your order ready. As such, orders will need to be made before 2 pm.

Similarly, Floristique offers same-day delivery for orders placed before 2 pm on weekdays or 11 am on weekends. Fortunately, Floristique can also go the extra mile for you if you are reaching out to them for urgent requests.


Floristique vs Petite Fleur: Which to Order From?

If you’re on the search for gorgeous handcrafted bouquets at affordable price points, both online flower shops are a great place to start with. Floristique and Petite Fleur prioritises premium quality and speedy delivery, so it ultimately depends on whether you’re able to find your desired bouquet style with them.

To minus the hassle, you can always get started with Floristique and start planning for your special occasion today!


Frequently Asked Questions About Floristique and Petite Fleur

What corporate flower arrangements do Floristique and Petite Fleur offer?

We’re not too sure about Petite Fleur’s corporate selection of flower gifts but here at Floristique, you can explore grand opening flower stands and corporate hampers to suit your business needs.

How do I customise my bouquet with Floristique and Petite Fleur?

If you have a flower arrangement in mind, you’ll need to list down your budget, colour palette, size and selection of flowers via an email to Petite Fleur. With Floristique, you can also get in touch through email with Floristique will require more details from the start and this includes the recipient’s address, date/time of delivery, card message etc. Feel free to send a photo of your dream bouquet or arrangement so the team can replicate it to the best of their abilities.

Can I self-collect at Floristique and Petite Fleur?

Yes, you can! Both floral studios are located at 22 New Industrial Road. For Petite Fleur, you may opt for a store pickup at their studio. Besides dropping by to collect your bouquet order, Floristique’s doors are always open if you’re wanting to plan your wedding arrangements or specific flower bouquets.

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