Floristique vs Flower Chimp - Your Ultimate Floral Review

Adding love and joy to one’s life, flowers can aptly convey your heartfelt emotions in the most understated way. And with online shopping now being the go-to option when purchasing specific items, having access to a vast range of blooms with a click of a button can elevate your shopping experience. Forget heading down to a physical store and scouring for the “right” bouquet, because at Floristique, we’ve got everything you need when gifting a loved one, and will even have them delivered in a blink of an eye.

Going Above & Beyond for You

Chanced upon an impressive bouquet on the Internet? More often than not these exotic and personalised floral arrangements are attached with a hefty price tag. Established on the philosophy to make unique and artfully designed flower arrangements affordable to all, Floristique has changed the game since 2017. Always keeping the customer in mind, you can rest assured that our tasteful designs will not break your bank. Never mass-produced nor limited to stock seasonal flowers, we combine your personal taste with our artful creations to melt the hearts of your recipients.

Unbiased Review - We Promise!

With the e-commerce industry booming, the number of online floral shops has been on the rise. A simple search online will draw hundreds of results - how then do you choose the right one that has a splendid offering for a specific occasion? To help you get the best deal, a little comparison might just help. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. So, here’s a review of what Floristique and Flower Chimp have to offer!


Review on Bouquets and Gift Options

Flower bouquets, unique floral arrangements, flower boxes - is that all an online flower boutique has to offer? Floristique and Flower Chimp take things up a notch with options like Fruit baskets, which adds a twist to gifting. Let’s break it down even further for better comprehension of what’s in store for you:

Floral Selection

Both Floristique and Flower Chimp have an extensive selection online and have received great customer reviews! So you can rest assured that both floral shops will offer quality customer service regardless. However, if numbers are the name of the game, Floristique has more options. With approximately 11 flower types in our fixed collection, there’s definitely more to choose from compared to the 7 offered by Flower Chimp. But if potted plants are what you’re looking for, Flower Chimp has you covered in that aspect.

Celebrating that Special Event

We’ll call it even when it comes to what both online flower shops have to offer customers shopping for a specific occasion. From Grand Opening stands to Graduation bouquets, choices are aplenty. A big difference between Floristique and Flower Chimp is the price range of the product offerings. For example, fresh flowers for an opening ceremony at Floristique start as low as $59.00, while a grand opening flower stand from Flower Chimp will set you back by $104.90.


Looking for something beyond the standard flower bouquets and flower boxes? The good news is that Flower Chimp offers 3 different gift hampers including a Happy Health Bundle, Baby Gift Hamper, and New Born Bundle that starts at $129.90. Floristique also has a variety of hampers at a lower cost starting from $49.00, and with way more options to choose from - think everything from chocolate hampers for friends with a sweet tooth to corporate hampers for your clients.

Other Perks

Floristique and Flower Chimp provide additional services such as the ability for customers to choose their preferred delivery slot. Flower Chimp is a flower delivery company in South East Asia and has fulfillment centres in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. That means that people from these countries can place an order to have flowers delivered to their ones all across Singapore!


Floristique vs Flower Chimp: Which Way to Swing?

Ultimately, you’re spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing an online floral shop in Singapore. Living in Malaysia and would like to send someone in Singapore a bouquet? Head on over to Flower Chimp. But if you are looking for one that offers customisation services and a whole lot more options to choose from, Floristique is the answer. Discuss your ideas and specifications or choose any of your favourites - whatever it is, Floristique is #customisedforeveryone.


Frequently Asked Questions About Floristique and Flower Chimp

What Add-Ons do Floristique and Flower Chimp Offer?

Balloons, chocolates, and plush toys - Floristique and Flower Chimp offer plenty of add-ons on their website. Do note that while Floristique has bouquet add-ons like vases, Flower Chimp does not provide the option to change hand bouquets into vase arrangements as only products pictured to be in a vase comes with it.

Is Free Delivery Offered by Floristique and Flower Chimp?

Yes! Both offer free standard delivery to all areas in Singapore. There is no additional information on whether Flower Chimp delivers to hospitals and medical centres, but Floristique has put a hold on such deliveries due to COVID measures until further notice. Both online flower shops have specific cut-off timings for orders that require same-day delivery as well.

Is Customisation Services Available at Floristique and Flower Chimp?

Customers who are looking for a more personalised gifting experience might find Floristique more appealing. This is because Flower Chimp only offers flower bouquets and arrangement options that are listed on their website.

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