Floristique vs FARM Florist - Your Go-To Floral Review

Teddy bears, gift vouchers, and scented candles getting too repetitive of a gift? Perhaps one of the most popular ways to show someone you care is to send flowers. To ensure that locals have the capacity to bring delight to their loved ones, there are plenty of floral shops scattered throughout Singapore. But with a booming e-commerce industry and lock-downs restrictions acting as a hurdle on how businesses are run, going digital has been the ultimate game-changer - and Floristique is one of the key game players.

No Longer an Art Reserved for Special Occasions

Drawing on the inspiration to put together flowers, foliage, ribbons, and other accessories to create a floral masterpiece, Floristique was founded back in 2017. An online flower boutique, all flower arrangements made available are artfully designed and affordably priced. Unlike the prohibitive prices that you might often come across in other flower shops, Floristique’s selection is not only premium in its quality but also won’t burn a hole through your wallet.

Unbiased Review - We Promise!

From brick-and-mortar stores to online floral boutiques, there are so many flower shops to choose from. But if you’re in a rush to get the freshest blooms, sieving through the numerous options can get stressful and tiring. But fret not! We’ve done the research for you! Below, we review the offerings of Floristique and FARM Florist, and how they fare against each other.


A Review on Floral Offerings

Talk about flower power! Both Floristique and FARM Florist boast an exquisite floral selection, all at an affordable price range. With cute, and at times premium add-ons, you’ll surely receive the complete customer experience from either. We’ve broken down the main offerings so you can easily determine which of these will better cater to your needs.

Flower Options to Choose From

Roses, carnations, lilies, baby’s breath - you name it, both these online flower shops have them all. Both have their own differences when it comes to fixed offerings. While FARM Florist has options like Pom Poms and Gerbera, Floristique features Eustoma and Peony. With a “Below $45” that fares well with Floristique’s $39 Weekly Specials and $30 Bag Series, we’ll have to call this one a tie!

Going Big on a Special Day

Attending a Graduation Ceremony? Or maybe a birthday party? Regardless of the occasion or event, there is surely a bouquet or flower stand for you to consider. The only distinguishing factor will have to be that Floristique has options that celebrate the arrival of a newborn, and let’s not forget about our bridal flower range. But FARM Florist does boast a relatively long list of florals for special holidays like Father’s Day and International Women’s Day!


Here’s where we’ll have to call it even once more! From fruit hampers to baby hampers, both these floral shops have loads to offer. One key factor though will have to be the different price points. For example, Baby Hampers at Floristique start at $49.00, while at FARM Florist, the cheapest baby hamper after a 59% discount stands at $69.00!

Other Perks

Just like Floristique, FARM Florist has its customers at the forefront of its service. With 24/7 disputes remedy and florist reviews so that you can make an informed decision, the list is endless when it comes to delivering top-notch customer service. FARM Florist does have discounts on their products and offer value bundles for certain products. Similarly, Floristique’s list of Bag and Bouquet Series that ranges from $30.00 to $89.00, ensures that finding something that fits your budget will be a breeze.


Floristique vs FARM Florist: Which Online Florist to Choose?

If experienced and passionate florists working on masterpieces are what you’re after, you can rest assured you’ll get it at both these online floral boutiques. Ultimately, it boils down to your personal preferences and the budget you have at hand. But Floristique’s affordable price range, highly personalised services, and premium quality products remain unrivalled if we do say so ourselves.


Frequently Asked Questions About Floristique and FARM Florist

What Add-Ons do Floristique and FARM Florist Offer?

Both Floristique and FARM Florist offer plenty of add-ons on their website. FARM florist does have a more extensive add-on selection that includes cakes, ice cream, cookies, and flower bags. These premium add-ons surely take the cake, but Floristique does not fall short with a range of bouquet and hamper add-ons.

Does Floristique and FARM Florist Offer Free Delivery?

Yes! Both offer free island-wide standard delivery. There may be surcharges for deliveries on Sundays, Public Holidays, and other instances when an order is placed with FARM Florist. However, their one-hour flower delivery products are worth considering if you need something urgently. Do note that there are specific cut-off timings for orders that require same-day delivery by either florists. Self-collection can also be opted for with no extra charge.

Can I customise my bouquet with Floristique and FARM Florist?

We’re not too sure about the level of customisation available for FARM Florist, but from what it seems, only flower bouquets and arrangement options that are listed on their website are available. Floristique, on the other hand, allows customers to customise everything from the wrapper, the flowers, and even the ribbons to complement a theme. Have your eyes set on a specific floral design you chanced upon on the internet? Share it with us, and Floristique just might be able to replicate it for you.

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