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Why Are Fresh Flowers Still The No. 1 Choice as Vday Gifts

| Wendy Han

Why are flowers still the No. one gift on Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the first gift that comes to one’s mind even today are flowers. You would agree that there’s something eternally charming about flowers and that the season of love would appear so dull without these natural beauties. If you are scouting for best stores for flowers delivery for sending your message of love to your special someone, we can provide you with the expert flower delivery Singapore services. We will ensure that your Valentine’s Day turns out to be the most special by all means.


The Valentine’s Day Narrative: How love blossoms with flowers?

Valentine’s Day originated as early as in the 3rd century in the city of Rome. A young priest named Valentine defied Emperor Claudius II’s opposed the decision of outlawing marriage for men because of the belief that bachelors made better soldiers. While priest Valentine arranged for secret marriages for young lovers, Claudius on discovering this action sentenced Valentine to death. In prison, Valentine fell in love with the jailkeeper’s daughter. Before he was executed, he sent a letter to his beloved signing it as “From Your Valentine”. This expression was immortalised with Saint Valentine’s decease, as even today lovers while giving flowers to their significant other continue to use this phrase.


Later, Pope Gelasius around 496 AD declared 14th February as a day to honour Saint Valentine. Since then this day has been observed as one where people celebrate their love for special people in their lives. Be it your budding lover, life partner, friends or any family member, gifting flower continues to be a refreshing idea till date. February is considered a time for fertility; this is the spring season when flowers bloom and so quite reasonably flowers make for an ideal gift to commemorate the day of love. Since ages, flowers have symbolised love, romance, marriage and fertility. The traditional custom of sending flower gift constituted the non-verbal form of relaying affection and warmth. The prominence of flowers being embodied with a specific meaning emerged in the 18th Century where flowers alone could make for an entire conversation between people. Even today, the gesture of giving flowers on special occasions contributes to how people express their admiration, affection and love for each other.


Delicate flowers communicate everlasting emotions: Pick your favourite

With flower shop ensuring online delivery, it is not only convenient to gift flowers to express your feelings in your absence, but simultaneously you can add a little surprise package with the option of sending hampers.  You can choose from a range of heart shaped chocolates, candies, chocolates, cookies, cards, soft toys and more to gift your loved one. Check our webpage dedicated to the gifting section for ordering more items in addition to flowers. We understand that the first impression makes all the difference and thus assure to deliver your message wrapped with much care and warmth.


Though rose has been traditionally known as the Valentine’s Day flower, people consider sending other flowers depending on their preference, taste and thoughts on this day. You can be certain that with our free flowers delivery Singapore service you can order the choicest of vibrant florets to be delivered at your beloved’s address across any location in Singapore. Our professional team and express delivery services will ensure the premium service so that your chosen bunch or bouquet is handed over to your loved ones on your behalf in their perfect condition.


If you are confused which flower to order, here’s the most accessible pick.


Roses: These make for the perfect way to express your love to someone, whether you gift one or hundred. You can select roses from an array of colourful ones depending on the meaning they resonate from a variety of long or short-stemmed roses to send to your lover or friend this Valentine’s Day. Did you know that the quantity of rose you select too connotes various meanings? Personalise your expression with the appropriate number that best fits your relationship.


Valentine’s Day rejoices love, and the enthusiasm begins with the onset of the month. You can surprise your sweetheart by sending him/her flowers earlier, i.e. from a week before or even on following days to make it much more special. If you are proposing to someone, choose from a range of fascinating flowers and gift a mixed bouquet consisting of pink lilies, freesia, orchids or any other of your choice. Send the ever enchanting daisies to your friends on this special day in a pretty arrangement to remind them of your treasured relationship. Alternatively, surprise your mother and grandmother with some local floral beauties to communicate your adoration for them. You can select from a range of relatively cheap flowers or beautiful ones that fits your budget. Pick an arrangement on a bouquet, bunch or basket as you like to send delightful flowers online to grace this special occasion. Our expert team can customise the arrangement based on your choice to assemble the freshest flowers.


Love is eternal and as we value your emotions and feelings. We ascertain the finest guaranteed service to spread the fragrance of love across miles with our online florist Singapore delivery facility. As you continue the tradition of gifting flowers, we pledge our services in keeping the essence alive.


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