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Student Budget: A Guide to Flower & Gift Buying

| Wendy Han

You may be a fresh-faced, 18-year-old looking for a lovely bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend or you might be in university and wish to buy some lush blooms for your mother. Whichever category you may fall into, buying gifts for loved ones as a student presents a unique set of challenges.

If your parents provide you a weekly or monthly allowance, you would need to prioritise and set aside some money to be able to afford to buy gifts. There is that temptation of spending on social events or new items for yourself as soon as you receive your allowance. However, if you are determined to give a gift that’s special this year, resisting the urge to spend can help you achieve this goal. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can delight your loved one for their birthday or a holiday this year.

Internalising your purpose

As with any other goal, understanding your purpose of giving this gift increases your chances of making it a reality. It isn’t really about the gift but the gesture and the meaning behind it. You might wish to show your appreciation to your mother for being supportive and kind as you were slogging for your examinations. Or you might want to get your friend a gift for her upcoming birthday. Making your loved one happy is worth having to save and scrimp for a few months.

Plan ahead and set aside a budget

It’s good to plan ahead and determine how much you need to set aside. Mark out special occasions like birthdays, and special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day in your calendar. Determine how much you would like to spend for these events and note it down in your monthly budget, allocating a fund for presents. Save up a small amount over the course of a few months, still allowing yourself luxuries each month.

Pick out affordable blooms

You might have the impression that flowers are exorbitant or that they are not worth the money because of their ephemeral nature. However flowers are potent in their power to lift someone’s mood and make their day. Especially if your loved ones are fond of flowers and enjoy having a vase of fresh tulips or roses sitting on their table, this is the perfect gift for them.

Floristique has a range of affordable flowers with our $30 flower bag series and our $39 bouquet series you can give the exquisite gift of flowers without breaking the bank. Deliver Scarlet, flowers in a bag featuring the alluring rainbow rose or Lavender, made with purple roses, to any location in Singapore.

Homemade gifts

Buying a smaller bouquet and pairing it with some homemade cookies or a hand drawn card, could really elevate your gift. Get creative, search up some recipes for sweet treats and have some fun baking in the kitchen. Writing down your well wishes in a card and telling your friend how much they mean to you is also a great way to commemorate a birthday. This labour of love would be sure to make them feel great on their special day.

Acts of service

A fun and creative way to amp up your bouquet of flowers would be to pair it with personalised DIY vouchers. These vouchers list down the services you are willing to take on for your family or friends and allows them to redeem them as they like (or as you determine). You are the chief behind these vouchers and can decide the terms! Some creative ideas to get your juices flowing: “Water the plants for a week”, “Bake brownies”, “Do the grocery shopping”. Make sure it’s something that you actually don’t mind doing though!

Floristique flower delivery

Gifts are a great way to show how much your loved ones mean to you. While it might require getting some thinking out of the box to stretch a dollar and still give a friend a great gift, it’s all worth it when you see them holding a bouquet of flowers, grinning. Floristique has a wide range of different types of flowers and we offer same-day delivery to wherever you are in Singapore! Start assembling your gift and placing your order with our Singapore florists now.

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