The Ultimate Deepavali Flower Guide for 2020

| Wendy Han

Deepavali 2020 is coming up in November, and we couldn't be more excited! It is a time for families and loved ones to get together and celebrate the festival of lights. 

If you love flowers and are thinking of incorporating them into your home decorations for Deepavali this year, our florists have the ultimate guide that is sure to get you in the festive mood. 


Flowers for Interior Decor

No festival is complete without some home decor. 

Even though celebrations this year will probably be significantly smaller due to health restrictions, you can still spread some good cheer by decorating your house for the festival of lights.

Here are some floral interior decor ideas that are sure to get your home ready for the festive season! 


1. Rangoli

An essential part of Diwali, Rangoli represents strength and generosity. It is also known to bring good luck. Rangolis are usually drawn on the ground or sidewalk in front of the house with coloured sand, rice and even flower petals. 

If you want to add a floral element to the Rangoli, you could use fresh roses, orchids, and marigolds. Play around with colours like red, orange and yellow to create a contrast of bright and pleasant colours that blend brightly into the theme of this festival. Line them up in an orderly fashion for a neat Rangoli. 


2. Table Ornaments 

Table Ornaments

A floral centrepiece can easily give your dining room more life and energise your guests. 

You could buy a readymade flower box or simply make your own flower bowls with colours like red, orange, bright pink and yellow. These colours represent love, strength, courage and respect. 

Use a mixture of flowers with small and big petals to avoid overcrowding your flower bowl. You could play around with a combination of sunflowers and baby's breath or carnations and roses. 


3. Wall Decorations 

You could decorate your home with colourful flower garlands as well. Traditionally, these garlands are made with marigolds, but you could also make your own or find garlands with peonies, carnations and roses


Best Practices for Decorating Your Home for Festive Seasons 

Since you are going to be decorating your home for Deepavali anyway, you definitely want to fill your home with flowers that make a good impression on your guests and enliven your living space. 

Here are two quick tips you can follow to ensure your home is ready for any festive season. 


1. Order them in Advance 

Like other festivals and special occasions, you can expect fierce competition when shopping for flowers and other festive decorations. With that in mind, you would want to order your flowers ahead of time from a reliable supplier. 

Plus, when you receive your flowers ahead of time, you can take your time to decorate your home.

"But won't the flowers wilt if I order them too early?" 

Well, not if you maintain them!


 2. Shower them with Love and Care 

Ever wondered what the secret behind long-lasting flowers was?

It's all about diligent maintenance. 

Do your own research to understand how much shade and water the flowers of your choice require. Replace the water regularly and cut broken stems with a sharp scissors. See more flower care tips from our flower experts here


Welcome Deepavali with Fresh Blooms

Welcome Deepavali with Fresh Blooms

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