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Gift Flowers to Dad This Father’s Day: Bouquet Ideas

| Wendy Han

Fathers are some of the most important men in our lives. They have helped to shape us into who we are today and will continue to help mould us into tomorrow's adults. A day to celebrate fathers, their qualities and their influence on us, why not celebrate your father with a beautiful bouquet this Father's Day? With Father's Day just around the corner in Singapore, our florists have handpicked several flowers for the occasion, let these flowers do the talking with their thoughtful meanings:

1. Red Roses

Whether you're completely aware of this or not, red roses are, in fact, the official representation for Father's Day. In general, these deep red flowers signify love and affection and for the man who has played a major role in your life, red roses are a classic favourite for Father's Day. Giving a rose flower to your father represents how much you care about your relationship. While roses are generally used, they are sure to please any dad when showing your affection on this special day.

2. Tulips

On top of roses, tulips are the perfect flowers to give someone to whom you feel deep love and unconditional love, which makes them ideal for Father's Day. Often associated with deep and unconditional love for centuries -in fact, more than even roses-, tulips are a gorgeous floral gift to consider adding to your present to Dad. Loyalty is also one of the meanings of tulips and by presenting tulips for your father on Father's Day, you're showing your deep and unconditional love for him. Tulips also have a distinct earthy scent that makes them incredibly a unique and beautiful choice for a beautiful occasion like Father's Day.

3. Sunflowers

Sunflowers represent optimism and happiness, along with loyalty and adoration. For a flower that will undoubtedly put a smile on Dad’s face, sunflowers are another charming option worth considering for Father's Day. People are often drawn to sunflowers because of how optimistic and cheery they can make you feel. Similar to the sun, they represent everything good in life. When you give someone a sunflower, it means happiness, positivity, faith, hope, light, and adoration. As you give your father sunflowers this Father's Day, it's a great way to express how much you adore him and how happy and positive he makes you feel each day in your life.

4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas represent love and family which makes them such a beautiful bouquet to give for Father's Day. Specifically, blue hydrangea flowers represent gratitude and understanding so the moment you hand your dad these flowers, it can be your way of thanking him for everything he's ever done for you. 

A perfect addition to the bouquet you're planning to give your father, blue hydrangea flowers also represent heartfelt emotions so it's the perfect gesture to express your earnest thoughts. The best part is, you won’t have to look far to purchase these blooms. Fresh hydrangeas, along with other flowers for Father's Day, can be found in some of the best flower shops in Singapore such as Floristique.

Choose Only the Best for Dad

On top of surprising Dad with your final bouquet pick, this stunning arrangement of flowers can also instantly brighten the look of his home office or desk at work. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your gift by including a special message in our complimentary greeting card when placing your order. 

We hope these Father's Day gift ideas help make your shopping experience easier and stress-free so you can enjoy time with your family instead of stressing about finding the perfect present. Get started and plan a memorable Father’s Day gift with our unique floral designs here at Floristique - fresh flowers and timely flower delivery in Singapore guaranteed!

Need some help choosing your Father’s Day bouquet? Get in touch with the Floristique team today.

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