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5 Unconventional but Special Occasions to Send Someone Flowers

| Wendy Han

Flowers are a symbol of love, appreciation and care. 

While they might be customary for various occasions like weddings and commencement ceremonies, there are tons of other occasions to send flowers to a loved one. Here are 5 of them:


1. National Girlfriends Day (1 August)

National Girlfriends day is the perfect opportunity for gal pals from all around the world to gather and celebrate their friendships. 

This day is the best time to take a bit out of your day to show appreciation and gratitude for the gorgeous, poised, and gifted women and girls in your life who manage to invoke inspiration and motivation in a variety of unique ways. A girlfriend can be anyone from your sister, aunt, co-worker, mother, or even a close friend. 

The perfect gift to mark the occasion is, without a doubt, flowers. You can choose a floral arrangement from Singapore florists that exudes the same amount of beauty that your girlfriends do on a daily basis.


2. National Best Friend Day (8 June)

National Best Friend Day is the best day to let your closest friend know just how much you appreciate their friendship and all the support that they have given you over the years. 

Letting those who are closest and dearest to your heart know how you feel about them will never go out of style. From having a nice meal together to having a relaxing day at the spa, the variety of ways that one could choose to spend the day are almost unlimited. 

If you would like to give a gift that shows your adoration, consider sending your best friend some beautiful flowers. They are sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture!


3. Boss’s Day (16 October)

Boss’s Day is generally celebrated in efforts to show thankfulness and appreciation to the leader of your workplace. Bosses love receiving positive recognition just like everyone else. 

If you find that your boss is consistently going the extra mile in efforts to assist you and make your workday easier, you should consider letting them know how much you appreciate them. 

Having a boss that is excellent at their job and loves what they do is a great reason to celebrate. Flowers are the perfect choice to thank them for all their hard work. It may also earn you some brownie points!


4. National Stepmother’s Day (16 September)

She may not have given birth to you, but chances are that your stepmother has played a pretty big role within your life. Stepmother’s Day is a day all about her and it would be nice to gift her with something to show your appreciation. 

Flowers and floral arrangements are sure to be a big hit. She is sure to think the world of not only you, but her gift as well. 

You probably shouldn't be surprised if she brags to all of her friends about the beautiful gift you have given her! She deserves the very best and you can easily give that to her by purchasing flowers that are sure to brighten up both her day and home.


 5. International Women’s Day (8 March)

International Women's day is a day for women everywhere. The day has historically been celebrated in many different manners, but it has now become tradition that women celebrate not only themselves, but other important women that they know on this day. 

It is a meaningful show of appreciation and helps to strengthen the bond between women. Customarily, mimosas are used as they are seen as a symbol of strength but rest assured that any flower that reminds you of them will be more than acceptable. 

After all, it is the thought that counts!
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