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How to Be a Good Friend When Your Friend Just Had a Baby?

| Wendy Han

While being a new parent can be delightful, it does come with its fair share of sleepless nights. They need to perform regular night feeding, and sometimes the baby is restless for most of the day. 

The time has come for you to be a good friend and show your support. We’ll reveal what your friend or family member may be going through as a new mother and how Floristique baby hampers might just cheer her up.

Understand what it means to be a new Mother

No matter how much anyone tries to prepare you for parenthood, you’ll never expect what’s coming. Sure, you’ve read and heard that there are sleepless nights and you’ll be tired, but the reality won’t hit you until it actually happens. The first six weeks consist of several ups and downs until you feel like you finally have a handle on things. 

Even with the new routines in place, the new mom will have to face illnesses and wonder why her baby is crying all the time. It’s an intense period of stress and anxiety. It’s a good thing she has you as a friend to spoil her with baby girl flowers and balloons to soothe her anxieties and lift the mood.

Support the transition into the new role

One way you can be a good friend to the new mom is to take on a supporting role. In today’s age, many women are juggling work from home, their new baby, and family duties at the same time. Sometimes offering to care for the newborn for an hour or two while she pampers herself can make a significant difference in her life. 

You can also help around the house if she’s comfortable with that. Ask if there are any chores you can assist with, or if she needs someone to do her shopping for her. Even walking with her through the store to keep her company is an excellent way to show your support.

Being a listening ear

You’ll have occasions to lend a listening ear to your mommy friend. Sometimes, she just needs to offload and complain about how bad the week has been, or she wants to tell you how much she’s stressing about money and food. It’s during these times that listening without judgement is essential, but you can still offer some advice politely if she asks for it. 

Of course, it won’t be all bad. You’ll see stars in her eyes when she talks about her newborn and all the love she bears for her bundle of joy. It may surprise you, but it’s just as important for her that you be there for the positive as it is for the negative. It opens and warms her heart to share her happiness.

Pamper her with food and gifts

One aspect vital for you to pay attention to is how well your friend is looking after herself. If she’s strong, healthy, and well-fed, she has the energy to look after her baby. It can be incredibly challenging for a new mom to practise self-care, which is where you come in.

The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your home to help out. You can order a newborn hamper in Singapore from the comfort of your laptop, PC, or smartphone. There are many products to keep her healthy and fed, such as Newborn Baby Bouquets, Fruit Hampers and Wellness Hampers.

Choose Floristique For All Your Flower and Hamper Needs

When it comes to newborn hamper solutions, Floristique has you covered. From flower delivery in Singapore to any of our food and wellness products, there’s a wide variety online you can choose from. Our florists are here for you if you want to be a good friend to a new mother. It will show how much you care and want to be part of their lives and experiences.

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