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Caring For a Friend Who is Expecting

| Wendy Han

Pregnancy is an exciting stage for most women; it is full of potential and a chance to participate in the miracle of life. But this can also be a challenging and even fearful time for some expecting mothers. You can help your friend through this tumultuous time with a few tips we’ve compiled here at floristique. 

Provide practical help

In the late stages of pregnancy, this will be particularly important and your friend may struggle to perform basic tasks. Doing small things like hanging out her washing, picking (other) children up from school, or driving her to doctor’s appointments can all demonstrate your support. You can also help out with elements of the pregnancy like getting massages together or helping pack her hospital bag. Make sure not to over-do it though, remember that your friend likely finds some enjoyment in doing things for herself and not being treated like a child. Strike a balance where you are helpful, but not overbearing. 

Spend quality time together

Just because your friend is pregnant doesn’t mean she will stop enjoying activities you do together. Staying active, cooking healthy meals, and going to the cinemas are all fun ways to spend time together without focusing on their pregnancy. It can be a refreshing change for your friend and a good opportunity to deepen your friendship as you try new things together. When spending quality time together, make things easier on your pregnant friend by cutting down on drinking if that’s something you used to do together frequently. Instead, try to find fun mocktails to make at home or get at restaurants. This is a thoughtful way to include your friend in social outings. 

Listen to her concerns

Bringing children into the world is a huge deal, and first time mothers or those who have experienced complications in the past may be feeling anxious about the birth and the impending change this will have on their family and relationships. Rather than trying to fix your friend's problems, give her space to talk about what’s troubling her. Practise active listening techniques so she knows you understand what she’s expressing. By learning about her anxieties concerning pregnancy and motherhood, you can try and develop strategies early on to help her through this time of growth and change. 

Plan and baby shower together

As with any big life change, a party is a great way to celebrate. Help your pregnant friend throw a baby shower that she will remember for years to come. Get together with some of your closest friends and just have fun. You can get creative with games, colour themes, and encourage people to bring baby boy or baby girl flowers and balloons. Throwing a party can lift your friend’s morale, make her feel included in the community, and provide her with excellent (and at times uncomfortable) advice from women who have done this all before.

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