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5 Intricate Gift Ideas that all Expectant Mothers Will Love

| Wendy Han

Baby Shower Flowers Gift - Floristique SG

Heading to a baby shower? Don’t forget to bring along a gift.

All moms-to-be deserve to be showered with love and care. Nothing would make an expectant mother happier than to know that her friends and family are behind her as she prepares to deliver her baby. 

If you are on the lookout for a gift that expresses your heartfelt blessings to a mom-to-be, make sure you have a look at our list below. 

1. Bouquet

Baby Shower Flowers Bouquet Gift - Floristique SG

A bouquet of flowers is a wonderful way to celebrate with an expecting mom. This shows that you are excited about the arrival of the baby and the fact that the woman is entering motherhood. 

A new expecting mother goes through a lot of changes in her body when she is preparing to give birth to a child soon. The pregnancy can be hard on the mother’s health and emotions, though she loves her child that she will soon hold her in her arms. 

Sending a simple bouquet from a local florist can give a tired expecting mom the encouragement she needs to be strong until the birth. It will truly bring much cheer to any expecting mom.

2. Newborn Baby Hamper

 Newborn Baby Flowers Hamper Gift - Floristique SG

A newborn baby hamper is a very thoughtful gift that will be truly appreciated by expecting mothers. 

They will enjoy using the various items of the hamper to pamper and care for their new baby. This type of hamper shows that you really care about the mother and child as it incorporates essential items like diapers, milk powder and more for the baby and mother.  

In addition, a newborn baby hamper helps the mother to save some money on items that she will need for her baby, as the hamper will contain the items already.

3. Flower Box

Baby Shower Flowers Box Gift - Floristique SG

A flower box will brighten any expecting mother's day and will make her truly cheerful. She will appreciate the kind thoughts that the flower box expresses from you towards her and the new baby. 

A flower box is wonderful to give to an expecting mother if you are a friend, a co-worker, a husband or a family member particularly since it does not require as much watering or maintenance as regular flowers. 

A flower box is a thoughtful way to show an expecting that you truly care about her and want nothing but the best for her.

4. Wellness Hamper

Newborn Baby Wellness Hamper Gift - Floristique SG

During pregnancy, mothers are focused on connecting with their child, making sure they eat well and getting the baby’s room ready for the arrival of the baby. There is a lot of focus on preparing for the arrival of the baby by buying many baby supplies, baby clothing, baby toys, etc. 

As a result, sometimes a mother may forget about herself a bit, though she may be trying to eat healthy and make sure that she doesn't strain herself during the pregnancy. 

But a wellness hamper can elevate her sense of wellbeing by providing the mother with the nutrients and tonics she needs to recover after giving birth.

5. Fruit Hamper

Newborn Baby Fruit Hamper Gift - Floristique SG

Fruit hampers indeed are the ideal gift for expecting mothers. They get so busy and may overlook buying themselves some types of fruit. But with a nice fruit hamper, they can easily have access to a wide array of fruit that will be both healthy and indulgent. 

A fruit hamper will contribute to the overall health of both the mother and the baby, as the baby does derive its nutrients from whatever the mother consumes during the time of the pregnancy.

Simple browse our catalogue to choose a gift that a mom-to-be will really love! 

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