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5 Essential Flowers to Buy for Mom this Mother's Day

| Wendy Han

Gifting the right present for mom on Mother's Day can be a walk in the park for some. For others, it could be an uphill battle. 

If you are still undecided about a gift, why not go for flowers?

Classic yet aesthetic, flowers have been the go-to Mother's Day gift for years. Not only do flowers help you express your heartfelt gratitude towards mom, but it also brightens up her living space and brings a smile to her face.

Make sure you find bouquets with these florist recommended five essential flowers for mom this Mother's Day! 

1. Pink Roses 

Roses are one of the most commonly bought flowers in any bouquet worldwide because they, as you probably already know, represent love. Anyhow, this year, we are suggesting you consider something different, something that symbolizes a way deeper appreciation - pink roses!

Surprise your mother with pink roses that represent femininity, gratitude, and strength. Besides that, pink is a colour of admiration, elegance, and grace. Sending pink roses to your mother is another way to say thank you for everything! So if you are shy or you had no opportunity to say these words to your mother, pink roses are your best option!

2. Calla Lilies 

Bring Mother’s Day to the next level with Calla lilies, also known as a charm for good luck. Calla lily or Zantedeschia is the lucky flower that represents sympathy, purity, and beauty. 

Calla lily also expresses the very idea of fertility and life. In ancient Greek culture, calla lily was representing magnificent beauty. 

Try mixing up the colour of the calla lilies if you decide to go with a calla lily bouquet to give mom a pleasant surprise.

3. Pink Carnations

It's all about the colour when it comes to flowers as a gift. Carnations express love, charity, beauty, faith, and purity. Carnations are one of the most gifted flowers. But did you know that pink carnations carry the most crucial significance when it comes to our mothers and their special day?

A pink carnation represents an undying love of mother, tenderness, and gratitude - emotions that are in charge of making the strong connection between mothers and their children!

4. Blue Tulips 

If you want to show your loyalty, surprise your mother on Mother’s Day with a bouquet of blue tulips representing commitment and loyalty. The blue colour of tulips suggests calmness, peacefulness, and faith. Anyhow, the vast majority of people also believe that blue tulips represent the truth.

You can gift blue tulips to show your mother appreciation for everything she did so you can have a comfortable and peaceful life. In general, blue tulips carry an underlying meaning that indicates perfect endless love, making them perfect flowers for Mother’s Day gift!

5. Hydrangeas 

Hydrangeas bouquets and plants will look stunning in your mother's living room. Hydrangeas are spring flowers and usually represent gratitude, but each colour variety has a slightly different meaning. Choosing the colour of the hydrangea will depend on the expression you want to show toward the dearest person in your life.

So, if you want to show your love and sincerity, you should go with pink hydrangeas or if you're going to show understanding and abundance, opt for purple hydrangeas. Hydrangeas come in lovely intense colours representing harmony, peace, and love and have beautiful shapes that will captivate your mom. 

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