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Which Flower are You based on Your Zodiac Sign? Find Out Here!

| Wendy Han

Every horoscope is connected to a specific flower. Read on to see which flower best suits your star sign according to our team of florists in Singapore!

Aries: Honeysuckle and Thistle

People with Aries as their zodiac sign are known to be passionate and resilient even in the toughest times. 

It's fitting that Aries possesses the flowers, can have a fantastic red hue, as red is apropos for the fiery passion that dwells within the Aries sign. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to these flowers, much like how Aries people have a fun and infectious personality that just draws people in.

The honeysuckle can convey vibes of passionate love and devotion, whether fraternal or romantic.

Thistles on the other hand denote courage, bravery, and loyalty even when the going gets tough. A succinct summary for the Aries sign.

Taurus: Rose


The Taurus sign has a flower that is indeed very pretty but can hurt whoever is handling them improperly – and that flower is none other than the classic rose.  

Much can be said about the ever-popular flower, it's so widely cultivated that even its colour can have different meanings! Pretty as it may be, a prick of its thorns will sting quite a bit. Similarly, to how a Taurus may be kind and caring, but mess with the bull, you'll get the (t)horns!

Gemini: Lavender

Geminis are inquisitive, charming and outgoing. The soothing lavender flower is associated with this star sign. 

The lavender flower is not only aesthetically pleasing with its vibrant violet colour, its scent is used in many products worldwide as it's proven to induce calm and reduce anxiety. It symbolizes grace, elegance, devotion and purity.

Cancer: Hydrangea

Cancer: Hydrangea

The beautiful hydrangea requires a lot of water to live. This is very fitting, seeing as Cancer is a water sign. They feel as deep as any wishing well, their waters can be very calming, but can become intense and powerful like the tides during a storm. Although hydrangeas require a lot of water, take care not to drown it either! 

Similarly, to how Cancers live and breathe emotions, but too much could be overwhelming for them.

Leo: Sunflower

Bright, eye catching and very pronounced, these are great descriptions for both sunflowers and Leos. Sunflowers love to bask in the heat of the sun, and it even faces the sun as it grows. This draws a great comparison to how Leos love being the centre of attention, right in the spotlight, as if it were the sun’s rays shining on a sunflower. 

Its bright yellow petals spark joy in whoever behold them, which explains why they're often considered to be a happy flower.

Virgo: Buttercup

Virgo: Buttercup

The buttercup is often associated with neatness and order, for its straight lines and well organised petals. Organization and neatness are two things that truly speak to the Virgos out there! 

Virgos are the most meticulous sign, as they always plan ahead and double, sometimes triple check their plans. 

Virgos will appreciate the neat pattern of the buttercup, as it agrees with them on the importance of being orderly.

Libra: Bluebells

Libras are some of the kindest and humble signs, so it makes sense for the delicate bluebell to symbolize humility and undying, unconditional love. 

Libra signs have a strong sense of humility, never being one to show off their numerous skills, yet they can serve as an important constant in one's life, always being there for loved ones. Just like how Bluebells are all about constancy,

Scorpio: Geranium

A dark and deep red is a great representation for the prevalent traits of a Scorpio. The red geranium is a great companion to the very intense and burning love a Scorpio can offer. 

Geraniums also represent, longing, and a hope for better health, better luck, and better circumstances in the future. Burning passion, something Scorpios have in abundance.

Sagittarius: Carnation

Sagittarius: Carnation

Bold and adventurous, the carnation serves as a nice contrast to Sagittarius' common traits. The dainty carnations feature velvety folds and are typically associated with parental love for their children. 

Carnations also represent fascination with the world, which sings to Sagittarius' childlike curiosity!

Capricorn: African Violets

Earth signs like Capricorns are known for valuing stability and loyalty in their relationships, both traits they exhibit in spades. That's why there's no better flower to suit the sea-goat sign than the African violet. 

These elegant and pretty flowers symbolize a lot of what Capricorns want in a relationship and life in general. African violets represent loyalty, being faithful, and devoted to loved ones.

Aquarius: Orchids

Aquarius: Orchids

The regal and fickle orchid is a pain to grow, but a pleasure to behold. Those of the Aquarius sign know their incalculable worth and expect nothing less (as they should)! 

The orchid is beyond just being beautiful and a prized flower to grow, the Orchid represents beauty, virility, strength, and love. One has to put lots of love and care into growing this ornamental plant, but the results are quite worth it.

Pisces: Lilies

The serene lilies symbolize and enshrines a whole slew of positive and good traits. Most of them being pleasant and great ones. 

This is a great reflection of how Pisces are the sweetest and most compassionate signs. 

Their respective flower has been linked to spirituality in many cultures, but is most often related to love, pleasure, fertility, becoming reborn, hope, among others.

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