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Playful Floral Invention: Introducing Flowers in a Bag

| Wendy Han

Do you buy flowers for your wife on her birthday every year? Have your gifts become predictable and mundane? Switch things up with Florisitique’s riff on the traditional bouquet. It’s quirky, it’s different, it’s playful. Our flower arrangement in a bag will be sure to surprise. Instead of wrapping flowers in tissue paper, ribbon and string, we simply arrange them in a small carrier bag, with sturdy handles—so you can choose to bring them wherever you like. Delight your loved ones with Floristique’s “Bag Series”: a gift with a twist.

A cute casual gift

Getting the right gift fit for an occasion can be a little difficult. Pressed for time, we might get anxious and frantic, choosing something either underwhelming or too grand. There are also times where we just want a simple gift to cheer a friend up, one that is festive and cheerful, but not over the top. Floristique’s flowers in a bag is a scaled down version of the bouquet. Novella consists of a few stalks of Gerberas in eye-popping colours of yellow and orange—a package bound to bring joy and cheer to your friends or family.

A range of flower choices

As with our range of flower bouquets, our floral bouquet bags come in a variety of types, colours and sizes. Choose from carnations, chrysanthemums, roses or sunflowers, amongst many others. Each flower species and combination of blooms convey different meanings and feelings. Roses, the grand dame of flowers have come to be the universal representation for love, while sunflowers denote joy and positivity. You may also match a flower type to the personality of your loved one.

With over 40 choices, pick the perfect flower bag for the occasion. The subdued and elegant Hadley, created with white and pink roses and eustomas, make it perfect engagement or anniversary gifts. Alivia uses preserved roses together with the cotton ball flowers of Gossypium, giving it a rustic, bohemian look, great for friends who enjoy the look of dried flowers.

An extra something

If you would like to take it a step further with the flowers in a bag, some of our selections come with a little extra something to make the surprise that much sweeter. Have a friend who loves both flowers and chocolates and deciding between the two? With Florisitque’s Kimberly, you don’t have to decide. We add Ferrero Rocher chocolates into a bouquet of gerberas, sticking them discreetly into the bouquet.

Or are you looking for an endearing gift for an expecting friend to send them love and well wishes? Iglet is an adorable gift for baby showers, perfectly encapsulating the joy of welcoming a new child. Mum flowers are combined with pink feathers to create cute bunnies or piglets. If you have a friend who is graduating, the graduation bear included in the floral bouquet bag, Callie, says congratulations in a fun way.

Customising your bag

Maybe it’s a special birthday year and you’re looking to give something spectacular and different. Up the ante and create your very own hamper with our flowers in a bag. Choose the type of flowers you like, whether pink gerberas or orange carnations, and add on a box of Ferrero Rochers or a bar of Snickers.

If it’s a get well soon gift, Brands Chicken Essence of Birds Nest are ideal health supplements and tonics that would nurse your buddy’s health back. You also have the option of sending a fruit basket or one with an assortment of snacks. And for the ultimate flower bag experience, throw in some fairy lights for a whimsical look.

Deliver flowers in a bag from Floristique

Take the route less travelled with this spunky and convenient flower arrangement in a bag. If you’re planning a day of fun birthday activities for your best friend, these flowers are also easily portable and can be brought around anywhere you go. Our florists also have other unique gifts of floral bouquet boxes or floral baskets. Choose and buy from our range of exquisite birthday, wedding, anniversary or baby shower bouquets online and have flowers delivered straight to the doorstep wherever you may be in Singapore!

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