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World Gratitude Day: Gift Floristique Bouquets

| Wendy Han


Can’t buy the latest bag or go on a holiday? It’s easy for us to get disgruntled and become bitter, frustrated and pessimistic. We choose to focus on all that’s going wrong or on the things we don’t have. Sometimes being grateful for the things we have, the people in our lives and the events that take place in our favour, and expressing this feeling, make us not just feel good, but strengthens our social bonds.

Have a loyal, supportive friend who has been there for you recently during a rough time? Or a neighbour who unfailingly waters your plants when you’re away? Take a moment to think about these angels in your life and the last time you acknowledged and thanked them for brightening up your days and making life a little better.

The history of World Gratitude Day

“Gratitude” is derived from the latin word “gratia”, which connotes grace, graciousness or gratefulness. Being grateful is acknowledging the positivity we’ve been blessed to encounter.

World Gratitude Day was started in 1965 by the United Nations Meditation Group in Hawaii. During a thanksgiving dinner held at the International East-West Center, all attendees pledged to dedicate a day to be grateful for their blessings and to do so annually. This day is dedicated to showing appreciation for all the things that give us serenity and joy, whether the gift of nature or the special people in our lives who go out of their way to show kindness.

Why does gratitude matter?

Being appreciative can set about a positive chain of reactions. It makes us feel good and puts us in a positive state of mind. Dr. Robert A. Emmons, a prominent positivity psychologist, who has studied gratitude, discovered several physical, psychological and social benefits of gratitude. These include a stronger immune system, feeling more optimistic and less isolated.

Gratitude serves to put things into perspective, fill us with awe and is a powerful way to chip away the effect of negative emotions like hatred, envy or resentment. As we reflect and become aware of the blessings we have received, we become more attuned to the simple fact that life is good and worth living. While it has its fair share of challenges and disappointments, there are moments where we experience joy, love, and fulfillment. And for these moments—the gift of life—there is much to be thankful for.

The social emotion of gratitude is also a virtuous one, and as the saying by Aesop goes, “gratitude is the sign of noble souls”. It is the cornerstone of a gracious, well-meaning society where kindness and affirmation flows freely. Roman philosopher Cicero has also declared: "Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others." It is a virtue to celebrate rather than be bitter.

What should you do on World Gratitude Day?

Start by writing down everything you feel grateful for: the roof over your head, good health, friends who make you smile. Take pictures to capture treasured moments, call up a friend or send them a card. Or what better way to tell a friend you’re glad they exist then by sending them a bouquet of fresh flowers? Florisitique’s range of blooms will brighten up their day and let them know how much you appreciate who they are.

Buying flowers online in Singapore

Pink, white or yellow roses, lilies and hydrangeas have been known to symbolise gratitude. Floristique’s Charlene with white roses, tulips and calla lilies presented in a whimsical wicker basket, is the perfect gift to show your appreciation. If you would like to gift a bright bouquet of yellow tulips, the Aniya is also another suitable bouquet option.

Floristique provides island-wide flower delivery to anywhere in Singapore. Whether you would like to buy a bouquet of red roses or a bunch of tulips, we are the best place in Singapore for all your fresh flower needs; order online from a range of irresistible floral selections. We also have a range of flowers meant for baby showers, weddings or anniversaries. Speak to someone from our friendly team of florists to find the perfect bouquet that suits what you’re looking for.

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