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Elegant Centrepieces: Best Flower Vase Arrangements in Singapore

| Wendy Han

Every home tells a story. And sometimes, that story is best accented by the people who live in it and their choices in decor. Central to many of these spaces are floral centrepieces. A subtle hint of nature, such as vase flower arrangements, is one of the most refined ways to elevate a living space. 

These stylish, elegant floral centrepieces capture the essence of nature and exude class and sophistication. As such, it comes as no surprise that elegant vase flower arrangements are increasingly becoming the best choice for Singapore homeowners. 

Need more convincing? Their ability to effortlessly blend with various interior styles and offer a refreshing focal point. When chosen thoughtfully, these vase arrangements can transform an ordinary room, making it more inviting. The trend is clear: stylish vase flower arrangements are the top pick in Singapore for those seeking a blend of beauty and simplicity.

Top Choices for Flower Vase Arrangements in Singapore

With its tropical climate, Singapore hosts a diverse range of flowers, many of which have become top choices for vase arrangements. Due to their aesthetics, fragrance, and longevity, certain flowers have risen in popularity for home and office decor. 

Here's a look at some of the most sought-after flowers in Singapore, which have become staples in vase arrangements.

1. Singapore Orchids

Singapore Orchids, especially the renowned Vanda Miss Joaquim, symbolise national pride and botanical elegance. Chosen as the national flower for its resilience and vibrant beauty, it has become a coveted choice for vase arrangements. 

Characterised by their vivid hues and impressive, long-lasting stems, these orchids are versatile and can be paired with various flowers to create stunning displays. Their rich, subtle fragrance provides an added sensory experience, infusing spaces with a luxurious and welcoming aroma. 

The contrasting colours accentuate the orchids' vibrancy when paired with white lilies or roses. Pairing them with purple lavender or similar hued flowers for a more monochromatic look can create a harmonious and elegant floral centrepiece. Singapore Orchids represent a floral art blend of tradition, beauty, and versatility.

2. Roses

Roses, a classic favourite, have seamlessly woven their way into Singaporean homes due to their timeless appeal and rich floral symbolism. Each hue, from deep, passionate reds to pure, innocent whites, tells a distinct story and evokes different emotions. Their vast colour spectrum allows them to blend with or stand out in any decor setting. 

In vase arrangements, roses paired with baby's breath offer a classic, timeless look. Combining them with tulips can create a play of textures, while aligning roses with eucalyptus or ferns gives a rustic touch. Moreover, roses alongside lilies can provide a sense of luxury. Given their flexibility and emotional depth, it's no surprise that roses remain a staple in flower vase arrangements in Singapore and globally.

3. Lilies

Lilies are distinguished by their grandeur and the serenity they usher into any setting. Recognised by their expansive petals and often intoxicating aroma, they have cemented their place in the world of interior decor. 

Lilies symbolise a silent retreat, especially in personal spaces like bedrooms and living rooms, fostering a sense of peace. They have become the go-to choice for those seeking both aesthetics and longevity in their floral displays, owing to their notable vase life. 

When arranged with roses, lilies bring a romantic elegance to the arrangement. Combining them with complementary flowers like gerberas can add a vibrant contrast. At the same time, alstroemerias, often mistaken for miniature lilies, can create a gradient effect in size and colour. Lilies, with their sheer beauty and lasting presence, truly enhance the ambience of any Singaporean home.

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers, often associated with joy and positivity, are unmistakable with their radiant yellow petals and large, disk-like centres. These blossoms are a beautiful juxtaposition, bringing warmth reminiscent of sunlit fields. 

While their visual appeal is undeniably energising, sunflowers also have the practical advantage of longevity and robustness, thanks to their sturdy stems. They pair exceptionally well with contrasting deep blue or purple flowers like delphiniums or irises, creating a stunning colour palette. 

For a more rustic arrangement, combining sunflowers with wildflowers or dried wheat stalks can be ideal. Sunflowers are also a brilliant choice in decorating spaces where a burst of cheerfulness and vitality is desired.

The Art of Floral Vase Styling

As urban spaces and interior design in Singapore evolve, the demand for curated and stylish vase arrangements has grown. People want more than just a random bunch of flowers – they desire a piece that speaks to the space and complements its surroundings. 

In addition, floral vase styling is more than just placing flowers in a container; it's an art that requires a keen eye and understanding of balance, aesthetics, and design. From the vase selection to how you arrange the flowers, it requires meticulous planning and creativity. 

The following techniques are essential in creating stunning flower arrangements at home and achieving a well-balanced and appealing vase arrangement.

1. Balance is Key

Ensuring a balanced look in floral arrangements is fundamental. An uneven or top-heavy vase can disrupt the visual style, appeal and stability of the setup. Professionals often recommend considering the weight and volume of flowers, ensuring symmetry and avoiding over-clustering on one side. A balanced arrangement looks more appealing and lasts longer as flowers receive even air circulation.

2. Varying Heights

Using flowers of varying heights is a technique to add depth and layers to an arrangement. One can create a cascading effect or a tiered appearance by strategically trimming stems to different lengths. This method provides the arrangement with a dynamic look, making it more captivating to the observer and allowing each flower to stand out.

3. Colour Coordination

Colour plays a significant role in setting the mood of a room. When choosing flowers for a vase arrangement, it's essential to consider the existing colours in the space. While contrasting colours can be visually stimulating, harmonising hues create a cohesive and calming appearance. It's also worth noting that colours can evoke emotions, so selecting the right combination is crucial for the desired effect.

4. Accessorise

While flowers are the main stars, accessories can enhance the overall presentation. Elements like decorative pebbles, ribbons, or even dried botanicals can be added to complement the arrangement. These additions accentuate the flowers and give the setup a personalised touch, making it unique to the space it adorns.

Incorporating Vase Flower Arrangements into Your Interior Design

Integrating floral vase arrangements into interior design has long been a way to introduce natural beauty and subtle elegance into spaces. After all, beyond aesthetics, flowers can influence the mood and ambience of a room. 

For most cosmopolitan homes, leverage vase arrangements as focal points, ensuring that each choice complements the function and feel of specific rooms. 

Here's a guide to enhancing each room's charm and utility using thoughtfully chosen vase arrangements and what type of flowers are ideal for every room:

1. Living Room

The living room, often the home's primary gathering space, deserves a striking focal point. A well-placed vase of flowers on a coffee table or as a dining table centrepiece can be visually arresting. Choosing arrangements that meld seamlessly with the room's colour palette is essential, ensuring cohesion and balance.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen, a hub of activity and warmth, should have resilient flowers that withstand its humid environment. Lilies and daisies are not only hardy but also introduce a refreshing vibrancy. Consider placing them on kitchen counters or central islands, where they can be admired while preparing meals or grabbing a quick snack.

3. Bathroom

Bathrooms benefit from smaller vase arrangements that don't overwhelm the usually compact space. Fragrant flowers like lavender or jasmine serve a dual purpose: they beautify the room and infuse it with a pleasant aroma, turning ordinary routines into spa-like experiences.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom, a sanctuary of rest, requires flowers that evoke calmness and serenity. Roses, with their soft hues and gentle fragrance, or chrysanthemums, known for their relaxing properties, can be the perfect choices. Positioned on a bedside table or dresser, they can set the tone for a restful night.

5. Home Office

Introducing bright and uplifting flowers like sunflowers can be transformative in a home office, where focus and motivation are paramount. Their cheerful presence can serve as a mood enhancer, potentially increasing productivity. Whether placed on a work desk or a nearby shelf, they can inject a sense of vigour into workdays.

Adding Sophistication to Your Space

It's the little details that often bring joy and a touch of elegance to our surroundings, especially when we find ourselves caught up in our daily routines. A thoughtfully curated and placed vase flower arrangement can do wonders in uplifting a space, adding layers of sophistication and charm. 

Beyond their visual appeal, these vase arrangements connect to nature's straightforward beauty. They seamlessly blend the indoors with the external environment. As you aim to enhance your home, consider the practical impact of floral arrangements. Each vase can effectively elevate and refine a space.

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