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Preserve Your Flowers By Tendering Love Care

| Wendy Han

Flowers are often considered to be the top-most companion to the home especially if they are carefully looked after. You can either pick up the bright rose, tulip, etc. from your nearby retail stores or can opt for flowers Singapore. To avail the free flowers delivery Singapore, you just require placing an online order. Most of the flowers have the potential to long last for several weeks and months whereas others get ruined with the time. The beauty and freshness of the flowers remain until they get proper water and sunlight on a regular basis. Let’s discuss some florist tips that can aid you to safeguard your flowers.

  • Keep them in cool water

 If you desire to get the bunch of brilliant yet cheap flowers then their proper care is one of the most important concerns. However, if the flowers are positioned in a vase filled with cold water then you can expect longevity of the same. Make sure to trim the stems section of the flowers and fill two-thirds of the vase with chilly water. 

  • Provide adequate nutrients

The flowers must be provided with nutritional flowers food containing an adequate quantity of potassium and sugary kinds of stuff. Some people also prefer lemon juice, vinegar, and other such acidic liquids to defend the vase from unwanted bacteria and germs. Whether you are buying a bouquet from a reputed flower shop or choosing an online florist Singapore to get the fresh flowers, it is important to keep them in an accurate state.

  • Locate them in a right place

The freshness and quality of the rose and other flowers depends on the position you are placing them. If they are placed in the windowsill or the spots from where they can collect sufficient sunlight then you can expect the long-lasting colorful flowers.

  • Buy the flower bouquet from trusted stores

The stores and market is another important factor to consider before buying the flowers. You can either buy flowers online or can finalize a deal with florist Singapore. However, some stores also offer various customer services including online delivery, discounted price, cheap flowers, free flowers delivery and much more. Make sure to examine the quality and freshness of the flowers before buying them.

  • Flowers require maintenance and attention

Apart from having the regular maintenance of flowers, it is also necessary to provide them with enough attention. Some flowers need more attention and care than others. For example, you can observe a tagline on lilies i.e., “handle with care”. This is mainly due to the delicate nature of certain flowers that they should be pampered more than that of others.

  • Keep flowers away from fruit

Fruits discharge ethylene gas when are kept near to the flowers arrangement. This gas can turn out to be hazardous for your flowers and can lead to the premature aging of flowers which can further cause your flowers to get fade. So it is crucial avoid placing fruits and other harmful acids and substances close to the flower arrangements to protect the same from unpredictable harms.

  • Add aspirin to water

Aspirin eliminates the presence of bacteria and germs from the water and hence, is termed as the best possible way to conserve the flower vase from dirty microorganisms. To protect your flower vase from these microbes, add some drops of aspirin regularly on the flower vase.



Clean and fresh flowers always help the people to feel pleasant. Also, it creates a beautiful environment and attracts your visitors. Therefore, it is a must to order flower delivery from the best flower shop and preserve them from unwanted substances.

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