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5 Tips to Get Your Flower Bouquet Lasting Longer

| Wendy Han

Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers is a wonderful feeling. Whether it’s mother’s day, graduation, as a thank you or as a romantic gesture, bouquets will brighten up your room and remind the recipient of the gesture for days if not weeks afterwards. But how do you make sure this bouquet lasts for as long as possible? As one of the foremost florists in Singapore, we’ve made a list of insider tips and tricks on how to keep your bouquet looking lovely.


How do you preserve the freshness of your flowers? 

Tip 1: Cut the stems 

When you receive flowers you may want to place them in a vase straight away, but taking the time to perform a few extra steps will keep the blooms looking fresher for longer. Once you’ve unwrapped your bouquet, trim the stems to an appropriate length for your vase at a sharp angle. This allows the flowers to soak up more nutrients and stay fresher for longer!


Tip 2: Prune extra leaves

The extra foliage of some blooms may look beautiful and decorative, but if not pruned, they can shorten your bouquet’s lifespan. Extra leaves will use up precious nutrients that can be directed to other parts of the plant. If you really like the foliage, consider cutting larger pieces that can be placed back into the vase to create a full looking bouquet.


Tip 3: Change the water every few days 

Changing the water regularly is essential to ensuring your flowers remain healthy and vibrant. If you keep the same water, it will start to smell unpleasant and make your flowers droop. Change the water every 2-3 days, or when you notice it starting to change colour. Bonus tip: add some plant food or a small amount of dissolved sugar to the fresh water. This provides the flowers with nutrients to keep them looking strong and healthy. 


Tip 4: Avoid placing the flowers in direct sunlight

We all know that plants need sunlight to live, right? Well when it comes to your bouquet, less is often more. Leaving your flowers in direct sunlight will hasten the ageing process by rapidly evaporating moisture from the delicate petals and discolouring the blooms. Because your blooms are not actively growing anymore, they only need a little bit of light to sustain them. Choose a spot in your home or office that receives indirect or limited light each day so you can enjoy the bouquet for as long as possible.


Tip 5: Pick the right vase

If you have received a bouquet of heavier flowers and placed them in a short vase, you could be straining the stems which leads to damage and can make your bouquet look poorly. Make sure you choose a vase according to the type of flower, and don’t be afraid to cut the stems if they are too short. Lighter flowers like baby’s breath and carnations work well in smaller vases whereas heavier lilies and sunflowers need the support of a large, heavy vase. Additionally, try not to overcrowd the vase — you can always separate one large bouquet into two smaller ones if you don’t have a suitable vase available.


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If you wish to preserve them even longer, consider also drying your flowers. In this way, they can last up to several months or even years.

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