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3 reasons why flowers are popular ornaments for the workspace

| Wendy Han

Flowers can serve many purposes, not just as simple ornaments. Flowers are an effective yet simple way to energise you and the people around you. Let's take a closer insight into 3 reasons why flowers are popular ornaments for the workspace.


1. Flowers is a proven way to reduce anxieties

People are born with an innate desire to be connected to surrounding nature. So many of them are looking out the window to catch a natural landscape, fresh air, sun rays, etc. 

Bringing flowers into your workspace can reduce anxiety and decrease detrimental emotions.

Besides that, as flowers come in a wide range of smells, colours, and styles, it can boost your mood.

Wondering how so? Well, a good floral arrangement can contribute to a happy state of your mind through difficult moments.


2. Flowers is the key when it comes to new hires

When you are looking for a new employee, a decorated office with flowers is way more appealing and inviting to people who are first time coming to you. 

One report from 2015 pointed out that almost 1/3 of people stated they would join a company only because of natural elements inside like flowers.

Flowers contribute to a natural ambiance that has a relaxing impact on those present in the office, which is usually always overcrowded with papers, accessories, and other necessary tools.

 3. Flowers contribute to more creativity and concentration

Well, the core of every business is a clear focus and creativity in approaches we use to solve problems and achieve goals. 

From the very first moment you bring flowers into your workspace, you can expect enhanced mental focus and creativity from your employees. 

The same report from 2015 also founded that people achieved around 20% higher scores on storm brains and creative tasks thanks to the natural element. This effect that flowers have on a person's mental abilities has long been known. 

The importance of flowers for focus and creativity is shown by the fact that flowers are also recommended at the desks of children who attend school in order to memorize the material more easily and find valid solutions.


What types of flowers are most suitable for the office?

Although all flowers are beautiful, for your office you should choose species that have a special meaning, which can contribute to teamwork, friendship, understanding, and so on. 

Furthermore, you also need to be mindful about strong floral scents as it might intrude on others. 

Here are our Singapore florists recommendations:



If you love nature, then you must adore hydrangeas. They stand for understanding, devotion, and friendship. When used in the office, they make the space look warm, friendly, and homely - exactly what your office needs.



As a smaller variety, it perfectly fits offices because they produce a breathtaking point without sacrificing your space.



The carnation is a long-lasting choice to make your work area stunning. They bring a gentle touch to your workplace, making it more comfortable.


How to care for your flowers

Once you achieve a perfect office setting, you are going to need to take care of your flowers. We have pulled together some crucial yet easy tips on how to do this:

  • Check your flowers every day: keep your vase, liner, or whatever you have with fresh water.
  • Stems re-cutting: every couple of days, pull them out and re-cut the stems.
  • Change the water: bear in mind to clean your vase before you refill it with water.
  • Find the ideal place: flowers should be exposed to the sunlight unless it is a species that requires less daylight.

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