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3 Unique Floral Birthday Gift Ideas that Will Captivate your Recipient

| Wendy Han

Flowers make excellent birthday gifts but making an impression takes a lot more than just getting your recipient a bunch of random flowers. Instead, you want to gift flowers that are carefully arranged by florists and selected so that they charm your recipient and sweep them off their feet. 

If you need some inspiration, no worries, we have just the suggestions down below.


 1. Bouquets

Surprising a loved one with a stunning bouquet of birthday flowers is not only a sweet gesture but it is also thoughtful. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a bouquet of flowers, but the trick lies in choosing the perfect one. 

Given the wide range of bouquet styles and flowers to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. One of the tips for getting the best bouquet for a birthday is to go all out – the bigger the bouquet the better. Most people would appreciate getting one in bright colours too.

If you already know your loved one’s favourite flowers the bouquet choice would be a breeze. All you have to do is pick the perfect bouquet arrangement and you are good to go. Depending on your relationship, you can choose flowers accordingly. Red roses usually symbolize romance while yellow ones symbolize friendship. 

If you are in a romantic relationship, you may add red roses to birthday bouquets. But if it is just for a friend or colleague, going with other birthday roses would be ideal. Orchids are usually popular, and they add an exotic touch to any bouquet.

Adding a note to the ensemble is also advisable and makes the gift more personal. Now all you have to do is deliver the flowers to the recipient’s home or workplace and watch them enjoy the pleasant surprise.


2. Flower bag

While bouquets are popular as birthday gifts, flower bags are also becoming a favourite of many. Just like with a bouquet, a flower basket requires a smart flower selection and arrangement. It is not only a beautiful gift for a birthday, but it also comes with portability and neatness. 

If the recipient is not big on keeping flowers at home or at their workplace, a flower bag offers them convenience. Unlike with a bouquet, they do not have to transfer the flowers you gift them to a vase. The flowers could stay in their neat bag for a while until they wilt.


3. Flower box

Another perfect gift for a birthday is a flower box. This option also sums up as an ornament for the recipient’s space. If your loved one loves interior décor, this could be the perfect gift. 

When choosing a flower box, however, you not only have to consider the recipient’s flower and colour preferences, but also whether your choice will blend in with the theme of their space. If you are not sure about which flowers and box design to choose, you could opt for a neutral colour palette. White flowers go well with any space. To add some colour to the box, you could add one or two flowers in the recipient’s favourite colours to match.


Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Recipient

It would definitely help to have a rough idea of your recipient’s favourite type of flower. But you can’t go wrong with tulips and sunflowers. They effortlessly bring freshness and colour to any living space. 

Then again, if you have absolutely no idea how to choose birthday flowers, engage with a florist who might be able to give you some handy advice.

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